Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Hi everyone! Today I decided to post an outfit since I have not done this in a while! I also haven't worn this shirt in a while so I figured today was the perfect day to wear it!
I purchsed this shirt at Urban Outfitters back in March at school and never found a time to wear it..It needed a tank underneath (so I'm not naked- looking) but didn't think it would work..However, after experimenting today, I saw that I actually do like it with a tank underneath

Urban Outfitters floral tank
White Forever 21 Tank
Urban Outfitter jeans


Sand Colored Cardigan (from my sister's throwaway pile)

I really felt so comfortable and confident in this outfit for some weird reason..I felt the whole outfit screamed "Yes I actually do look fashionable and very comfortable!" Wohoo for comfort! 

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