Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flower Power

I really need to stay AWAY from the sun! My pale skin clearly can not take this much sun exposure! I went in my pool for the first time today and it was beyond freezing! At least it helped calm down my sun bunt skin! ha-ha
I'm going out for dinner with my grandma and mom soon and decided to throw on an old dress...Something easy and cute-ish (I personally don't love this dress anymore)

Oh...So this is what the phrase "A deer in the headlights " looks like!

Floral Dress from Century 21

New Shoes!!
Lucky Brand tan flats from Marshalls (Only $30!!)

Does anyone else not know how to smile? My family makes fun of me for it all the time! Apparently perfecting a smile that doesn't look "freaky" is something I am lacking

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ocean View

I got back from Ocean City, Maryland late last night! It was a great trip, amazing amazing food, and great company!! I'm still super busy trying to get things done around here so I will leave you all some pictures of the ocean, along with some shots of me and my sister

Our new favorite lunch place!
Huge salads with veggie burgers in a pita please?!!?
oh..and a HUGE diet coke

Me looking pretty awkward at lunch


Beautiful beach


What did you all do during Memorial Day Weekend? 

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am in another state once again. My family and I went to Maryland, Ocean City for memorial day weekend. It's so nice out and even a little too sunny (I have many burns to prove it!)...
Were going to a great restaurant tonight that we went to last time we were here...It has swing sets, sand boxes, and an ocean view along with great seafood!!!
I'm wearing my new Target shirt from their new line along with dark skinny jeans and my black wedges

What are all your plans for this longgggg weekend?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

City Life

Jeez!! Has it really been 4 days since I last posted!? I can't believe I went this long..Not happy!!...Well this past weekend I was in Rhode Island for my sister's graduation...I can't believe how old we are all getting but I'm sure better things are to come in the future! Talking about the future, today I went on an interview for an internship opportunity with Scholastic. This internship would mean the world to me because it's such a great opportunity and finally a chance to see what the "real world" is like. I know if i get the job it's going to be a lot of work, and I will get annoyed and stressed out, but it's what I need in order to prepare myself for my future career...whatever that may be!
I went into the city with my sister (THANK GOD- I would never find my way around without her!)...We got in early as planned and walked around the area where they had amazing stores such as Zara, Topshop, Forever 21, Madewell, Mango, and a million other stores..Basically heaven on a single street!
I wore my brown harem pants from Forever 21 along with the yellow necklace from Chicos, a white tank from Forever 21 and my black Tory Burch flats. Unfortunately there is no picture because I ran into the shower directly from the train!...It was beyond hot and sticky in the city and I needed to get myself clean!!
The internship went well (at least I hope) and I can't wait to hear back from them..Everything happens for a reason so whatever happens is fine with me!
I also bought 2 things at Topshop...Couldn't go home empty handed ha-ha! I got a purple tank with a cropped tied bottom for $20 along with a gold vintage looking bracelet for $25...The best part: The lady who rang me up reminded me that I get a student discount!! Good thing I had my student ID with me

I can't find the bracelet online so I will post a picture of it tomorrow!
P.S- does anyone else believe that "everything happens for a reason?"

Friday, May 20, 2011

Beaded Belt

I got this belt as a present from my aunt last year...The belt was from Anthropology and I am in love with it all over again! I found it in the bottom of my drawer and definitely am excited to wear it with other outfits!

White Cami- Forever 21
Beaded Belt- Anthropology
Jean Shirt- Bass
Leggings- Forever 21

Boots- Lucky Brand

Necklace- My Grandpa's ring that I made into a necklace

It's my mom's birthday today and I'm going to dinner with my family...I love this dinner..Veggie Burger and a sweet potato!! Yummmmmmyy 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trapped in an old lady's body

I have to admit, I LOVE Chico's Jewelry..My grandma loves to shop at this store, but I always thought it was for old people who didn't know how to dress..Guess what? I was wrong! The store has adorable clothing for middle-age to older women along with great accessories for people of all ages...I found so many great necklaces and bracelets there! my grandma even bought me a yellow beaded necklace which was on sale from $50 to $19!..Always find a sale wherever I go..here are some necklaces from Chico's website..

I was in-between these 2 necklaces but went with the first one!
Does anyone else find amazing, unique things in stores you would not usually gravitate to?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hot or Cold?

Today I woke up to sunshine and warm temperatures..However, after about 10 minutes of enjoying this weather, the clouds turned to grey and it starting to P-O-U-R!!!...I had on a short-sleeve knitted cardigan that I took from my sisters "throw away" pile, but decided it was a little too chilly for it..I decided to switch it for my new sweater from Marshall's I got on sale for $20!!...

Knitted Cardigan
Necklace from Madewell

Skinny Jeans- Old Navy
Black Tank- Forever 21

Sperry Top Siders

Me in my comfy new sweater

Do you ever get confused on what to wear? Long-sleeves or short-sleeve? 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brighten Me Up

Today it's down-pouring!! Cats and dogs kind of rain! I decided to put jeans on so I don't feel completely lazy...Along with my extremely bright yellow rain-boots. What would you all wear on a rainy day? 

Grey Sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters
Necklace from J.Crew

Skinny Jeans from Delias

Yellow Hunter Rain-boots

Not sure how I feel about the necklace with the outfit..What do you all think?
By the way, I'm FINALLY getting my haircut later today and can not wait!

Thinking about Tie-Dye

I don't know if this "tie-dye" trend is over already but I'm just getting started! I love the calm, yet exciting feeling you get while looking at a tie-dye print...Some of my favorite purchases lately were my tie-dye shorts from Urban, along with my 2 shirts from the new line at Target, Calypso..I was shocked to see that the price of one of the shirts was $37 but hey, it was cute!

Urban Outfitters Shorts
Sale- $10

Target T-Shirt

Target 3/4 sleeve

Do you like these looks or are they overdone already? I got both shirts in a medium instead of a small because I imagined wearing them with leggings or belting the second shirt..How would you style these shirts!?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Button Me Up

I got this green button up from Forever 21 in the beginning of the school year. I love how theres a belt attached in order to create a waist line but I feel that it doesn't work for my body...To me, it makes me look a little frumpy and un-proportional. Am I just being crazy or does the shirt fit a little weird to you too?

Forever 21 Green Button Up
Black Forever 21 Leggings

Michael Kors Gold Watch
Brown leather/ gold bracelet from Target

Sperry Top-Siders 

Today I am going to Target with my grandma...Hopefully I find some great finds to use my gift-card on! Ha-ha

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Else Is New

 Today I went out with my big to the mall..We always have so much fun together whether it's shopping, eating, or just hanging out...Although I do love her, she is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE influence on me!! Whenever I am with her, I buy everything! She's just as obsessed with fashion as me so when you put us together, it = damage!. I bought 2 shorts at Urban on sale for $10 that I have been eyeing since March...I also got a sweater shirt which I wanted at the Urban by my school the last time I went shopping with her...As you can see, my shopping addiction is still going strong!

Today I wore my grey long skirt from Urban Outfitters, green cropped T-shirt from Faces, black boots from Aldo, and a black/silver chain necklace from Bloomingdales..I felt pretty dressed up but I had to look nice since my big is always dressed to impress as well!

Do you guys have that 1 person that makes you want to buy everything!?!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Glitz and Glam

This shirt made me feel so glitzy, but in a good way! I love the contrast of the stripes with the sequins..J.Crew hit the jackpot once again in creating an adorable top that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion...I had this shirt since March and decided to rip the tags off today! I love how thin the material is so I can wear it on day's like today...Cloudy but still pretty warm out!
I went to lunch with my mom along with some stores like always..(My life is so adventurous with a lot of variety)...NOT
I wore this J.Crew shirt with my Old Navy skinny jeans and black Aldo oxfords..It's been a while since I wore these shoes but I am a fan once again!

P.S...I wore the black bag from the last post and I love love love it! So glad I decided to keep it
P.P.S....after wearing this outfit, I decided I should have styled the shirt a completely different way! Does anyone else agree!?!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone is off to a great weekend! My plans include picking my grandma up from the airport, meeting my best friends who are finally coming home from school, and the usual shopping and lunch dates with my mom

New Earrings..Sorry for the strange facial expression!

White BD Dakota Tank

Gap dark jeggings and black Tory Burch flatts

By the way, I really want to get a new, fresh look...I don't know if this includes a new haircut, new style, or just new attitude but I want something different! Any suggestions????

Switch It Up

Usually I wear my same stud earrings but I decided thats not fun for this Spring/Summer looks. I decided to buy some new fun earrings that make a statement! powww!!! I got both of these earrings from a store called Bass...I love the colors and different looks to both pairs..I know they will make their way into future outfits..I also bought this black, crochet bag at Marshall's for only $16...The brand is called TheSak which is sold in department stores such as Bloomingdales for a much higher price..I love the bag but come on, do I really need it?

Close Up!

Is anyone else an impulse shopper? If so, how do you stop yourself!?!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is Lace Still In?

I survived finals week and am finally home! I didn't do much today except unpack, and try to find room to fit all of my clothes! I either have too much clothes or not enough space...(definitely not enough space)...After unpacking, I went for lunch with my mom and just hung around the house for a little...I didn't know what I was doing so I didn't want to waste a good outfit...Because of this, I decided to wear an old, white lace tank from American Apparel..Its only from last summer and I actually love the shirt except for one thing..Is lace still in? It's been a trend for quite some time now and I'm not sure what the trend watch is saying about lace

White Lace American Apparel Tank
Cream tank from Levi Jeans
Dark jeggings from American Eagle

So...Is the shirt a go or a no?? Let me know!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Is this really over?

My freshman year has come to an end...Well, after my final tomorrow! I have my room packed up, said my goodbyes, and now I am ready for summer..I really am going to miss my friends but I know that this summer is going to be a good one!..I have four months to relax, do a little shopping, catch up with some old friends, beach, great food, and much much more!! I'm sure I will see the girls in my sorority over the summer and we will have an interesting/amazing time like always

A picture of me and some of the girls.
Top Row: Tanya, Carly, Carly, Amanda
Bottom: Me and Carly (lots of Carly's!! ha-ha)

Is anyone else sad about the year coming to an end?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's!..It's so weird not being with my mom today...Although she would probably be golfing all day anyways, I just wish I was there with her...Two more days until I can be with her once again!...Just one final on Tuesday stands between me and my summer vacation..Hopefully I can pull it off and end the semester with a great grade!..Anyway, here's a picture of a shirt from Urban Outfitters that I saw and loved, but did not purchase! It was 24 dollars for a plain, flowy tank but it was so comfortable! However, while looking online, I saw that it sells for 2 for 24 dollars! Can't go wrong with that!

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday!
Any special plans to celebrate your amazing moms?

Friday, May 6, 2011

First Final on a Friday

Today was my first final and it went really well! Thank god it was on a Friday so now I can go have a good weekend! I went to the local town with my big after my test..We got delicious red mango (tart-yogurt with blackberries, strawberries, and chocolate chips!-YUM!), went to Urban where she convinced me to buy an adorable shirt, bought matching inspirational bracelets at a different local store called Faces, and now we are going out to the seniors house tonight....I don't have pictures of my outfit from today which was the Urban "Miami" shirt, Delia's skinny jeans cuffed up, and my moccasins...Tonight I may wear these black Aldo wedges, Forever 21 black leggings, and the white, lace thrifted J.Jill shirt that I got for only $2 at the beginning of the school year! Is this outfit a go or a no?!

Quote from my new bracelet: "Wherever you go, bring your own sunshine"

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tie-Dye Thursday

Hi everyone! Hope you are all surviving finals week or whatever else you have going on!..Today I hit the gym for the first time in a while and it felt great! Nothing beats a great sweat before hitting the books!..I'm going to be studying all day with some breaks in-between I'm sure

White T-shirt from Target, Black leggings from Forever 21, Tie-Dye scarf from Zara

Sperry Top Sider shoes

Is anyone else liking the new tie-dye trend? I had always been a fan and still am!