Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Today I was supposed to have an appointment that happened to be next to our mall so my dad promised me he would finally buy me Toms..I loved these shoes for a pretty long time and I am happy to say I am finally the owner of a new pair! I got them in navy blue and I highly recommend them because they are pretty darn comfortable!
Anyways, I didn't feel like wearing anything too dressed up or new because we all know I don't like wearing my new clothes right away! Weird? nahhh! 
So I decided to wear my new-ish gap skinny jeans along with a grey tank from Forever 21 layered underneath a black cut out t-shirt from Urban Outfitters...I also felt like adding some jewelry to jazz it up so I added a grey beaded bracelet from J.Crew and a necklace from Chicos to my usual, everyday watch and rings

Sorry for the horrible picture quality! Something must be up with my camera on my computer!!
Oh and you should all be oh so proud! I switched up my style a little bit with some new foods (walnuts) and a different exercising routine (swimming....and shopping :) ) 

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