Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sale- Sale- Sale

Since the holiday's are finally over, NOW is the time to shop! As my mom repeatedly said, "everything is going to be soo cheap now! Wait until Christmas is over and then go shopping!".. Although I bought a sweater on sale at Anthropology last week (could not resist), I did not purchase anything else in stores besides Marshalls (since they don't have sales there anyway)... I can't wait to go home and see all my favorite store's like Urban Outfitter and Free People hopefully with long, beautiful sale racks!
I also discovered a new fashion site called ASOS. I found this brand in the Teen Vogue magazine last week and have become obsessed! This site has everything from clothes, to accessories, and even style updates and blogs of how to wear their clothes to keep up in this changing fashion world. They are having a crazy sale right now of 70% off and I am loving it! Lets just say.. I already have a shopping bag of about 20 things I want.. You should really check it out.. Here's one thing I am definitely eyeing 

... This is a Silk Blazer inspired by Alexa Chung (my style icon).. Not only do you find adorable clothes on this site, but you can also check off the celebrity you want to dress like, and it gives you a list of clothes they wear cool is that!?! Alright as you can see, I am a little hooked on this site and need to keep looking!! What celebrity would you guys want to dress like???

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cute AND Practical boots

So I know I'm still in the sunny, (usually) warm sunshine state, Florida, but it's actually sooo cold here! I mean I'm not in a blizzard like I would be at home in New York but this is not the Florida weather that I am used to.. I usually come here where it is typically 80 degrees, and definitely pool weather. However, this year it has been around 60 and even 40 degrees at night!! All I want to do is wrap myself in a blanket and drink a big coffee!! (I'm a coffee addict) Anyways, while I was wishing I had my Ugg boots with me, I realized that I still needed to buy a pair of winter boots to wear in the snow back at school. I was browsing on my usual site, Free People, and stumbled upon a pair of adorable boots that I just had to post here!! They are a little up there on price, but extremely practical and cute!! What do you all think!??

I'm going to blog more later I'm sure.. There are just so many things I want to post!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Loving The Sun

Sorry for the delayed Blog posts!! I seriously wanted to keep blogging everyday while I am here in Florida but I had NO internet here!!! It was terrible but me and my sister finally got on and I'm sure she is also blogging away right now.. 
So tomorrow we were supposed to go home but our flight was canceled due to the snow storm.. Im actually sooo happy about this news! It means so much to my grandma for us to be here.. so the longer were here, the better!.. I love spending time here anyways.. Tan, relax, great food, great family.. what else can you ask for!?... 
I also have been shopping like always at the usual Marshalls and Super Target with my sister and grandma.. Let me tell you, Florida has an AMAZING Marshalls!! Me and C got some pretty cute stuff that I will post pictures of soon!! 
Hope everyone is having a great day!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Day of Beauty

Today when I looked outside, it seriously looked like it was about to snow!! It was so dark and gloomy outside... I went to return some things with my mom this morning, had lunch at home (PB Favorite!!) and then went to get a mani/pedi with my sister C. 
I wanted to be fashionable yet comfy today and I think I nailed it!.. I wore thick, blue Forever 21 leggings paired with my moms turtleneck sweater... I also wore my new Kate Spade earrings that my dad bought for me last night as a pick me up.. I was so happy that I was also able to buy my sister a pair that I knew she was eyeing!! Anyways, tomorrow I am off to Florida to stay with my G-ma for a week. I can't wait to see her and spend good old bonding time with her!! She's the funniest, craziest, most loving person I know... Hope everyone is having a great week!!

trying to get a view of the new earrings

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sooo Happy!

So today I had to get some things checked out and I am beyond happy with the results!!.. I have been trying so hard these past couple of days to get my life back to normal and it is finally working!... I am starting to really appreciate, and love life. I am not worrying about the small, unimportant things that many people usually get so wrapped up in. I just realized that there is no point of being unhappy and stressed over the little things of life because thats not what makes life so great!... 
Anyways, Today I went to Forever 21 and Target with my mom and sister.. Although I did not purchase anything this time (SHOCKER), I had a lot of fun watching my sister buy things for herself since it's usually the other way around..
 Today I wore plaid once again (loving it lately!)..a plaid Urban Outfitters shirt, black wide leg, seven jeans, mustard colored J.Crew scarf, and my hightop brown Sperry boots. My style really changed ever since I went to school but I am really liking it. I have fun changing up my style a little bit...Make's fashion so much more exciting!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Feeling Good

This morning I woke up feeling so good! I have no idea why I felt so good, maybe a good sleep?? Who knows.. All I know is that I am having a great time being home with my family and friends and can't wait for Florida on Wednesday!.. I'm also loving my outfits I have been putting together. I have been trying ways to create a new look... Something more boho and grunge rather than sweet or edgy... Today I wore my grey Urban Outfitter jeggings, black high knee Urban Outfitter socks, grey and black stripped thermal long sleeve from J.Crew, black flower necklace also from J.Crew, and a big, comfy sweater from the Gap... I loved the way the different textures and colors came together in this outfit!!.. My pictures today are extra special. Not only did I have a good outfit in them (at least I think so!), but my sister was kind enough to walk in on my taking my picture, and decided to jump in them. (Thanks C!)... Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Shopping addiction at its finest!

So I don't know if you can tell by my blog posts, but I am overly obsessed with fashion and keeping up to date on my trends! Once I hear of a new trend, I hit the online shopping, and start forming a shopping cart filled with new, trendy, fabulous items of clothing, accessories, and shoes. Although I sometimes feel guilty for buying so much when I don't exactly "need" that tenth sweater, something inside me makes me feel like I MUST have it! On the other side, I am so overly passionate about the fashion field and want to pursue a life in it so why should I feel guilty!? Shouldn't I feel good about presenting myself in a way that I want the world to view me?? I think so!
        So today I went shopping with my mom once again (just a few stores) We went to the Gap, Bass, and J.Crew all at the Deer Park Outlets. This Tanger outfit is basically my home away from home. They have a great atmosphere, great prices, and an overall amazing day to bond with my mom. I ended up buying two, big, heavy sweaters on sale at the gap for 20 dollars a piece, 2 sweaters at Bass for 15 dollars a piece, and a scarf and stripped shirt from J.Crew for a combined price of 30 dollars! Although it does add up, I seriously got some great deals today and will be posting pictures of the outfits I form with them!!! 
          This is the last part of my post for today... These sweater shorts from Urban Outfitters. I am overly in love with them and am dying to see them up close at the store!! Maybe I will drag my sister along for the ride with me (what do ya say C?)... HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Today was my first official day back at home...and let me tell you, it feels GREAAAAT! Not only did I get to sleep in my big, warm, clean bed, but I also got to wake up with no stress... No worries of studying for anymore finals, no more waking up early for classes, and no more walking around campus in below zero weather!!!... Just me and my best friend (my mom)... C, if you read this, were waiting for your arrival!!! Anyways, today I wore black forever 21 leggings, white t-shirt, and an old gap, brown and white stripped sweater that I actually love!!!.. I went to one store with my mom, Marshalls (duh!!) and found the most adorable bag!! I know I know.. I just bought the Kate Spade bag (which I love!) but I am such a bag girl.... This bag was exactly what I always wanted...have you heard me say that one before?? hah! But really, it was a blue, long-strap, leather bag that was originally 275 dollars and I got it for 65 dollars!! like hello!?!? How can I not!!!.... Well, thats it for now... Lots of shopping to come this break and new and improved blog posts!!! Hope everyone had a great day!

In L-O-V-E!!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Is it possible to be more stressed!??

I have 2 finals tomorrow!!! Not one, but two!... On top of having 2 finals back to back, they are also finals for my hardest classes. I have been studying all day, actually all week!!! I feel like I still don't know all of the information.. You know when you read your notes over and over again but the information seems to be going in one ear and out the other?? Well that's exactly how I feel! All I know is that I really did give it my all!.. Studying is not exactly my speciality, but I am starting to make it a priority.. Whatever happens tomorrow, I just have to remember that I gave it my all, and should be proud of myself and all that I accomplished this past semester!!.. 

  • p.s..sorry for no photos of my daily outfits (still wearing leggings and sweatshirts)
  • 2 days until I am back in my comfy bed, surrounded by my friends and family
  • Florida is soooo soon!! (get me tan please!)

New Kate Spade bag!! 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Study, Study, Study!!

I am soooo ready to go home but I need to get through my 3 finals!!! I actually have never been so scared for a test in my whole life! I know it's just another, regular test, but I am so motivated to do great on them, and don't want to screw up!.. I don't know why I am stressing so much over it! You see, I was always the girl to stress over the little things such as what I was going to wear the next day to school; not when will I know all the material for my test!! So I guess this is maybe a sign of maturity??? Who knows!!. All I know is that I need to study as much as I can over the next couple of days in order to feel like I finished off my first semester of college on a positive note!!!

My Sisters and me!
from left to right: Me, Sam, Logan, Tanya, and Carlie
  •    So since I have been just sitting in my room studying all day, I am in my lounge wear consisting of plain Forever 21 leggings and a pink Umass Sweatshirt (not picture worthy).. I did have my first Date Party for my sorority last night though where I wore my new, one shoulder, tan dress from Forever 21, black, flower Urban Outfitter tights, and oxford heels... I got so many compliments on this outfit, and was so happy with the turn out!!... 
  • p.s...I am also trying to look at the positive side of things but am having a little trouble at times... Any suggestions!??

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last Day of Classes!!

So today I can finally say that I finished my first semester of college classes!! yayay.. I finally learned what it means to truly earn your grade... You know.. how in high school we had "extra credit" or "make up assignments" in order to raise our A to the A+.. In college, I learned that in order to get a good grade, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Although I stumbled at times along the way, I really feel confident now that I am a hard-worker, and completely deserve my grades!...Okay besides for class, it's actually freezing once again. 17 degrees kind of freezing!!! I had an outfit picked out this morning, but even I could not wear it in this intense weather. Instead, I opted for something a little more comfortable, yet still stylish of course!. I wore black leggings from Forever 21, a grey long sleeve baggy shirt from American Apparel, a grey and gold scarf from Marshalls, and my brown top sider boots (making an appearance again!).. I was still freezing after bundling up in my new,warm Betsey Johnson winter coat (THANKS MOM!)... What am I going to do when it actually start's snowing here!?? ahh!! Have a great day everyone!! Almost Friday!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

pain is beauty..

Today had to be the windiest, coldest, cloudiest day so far!! I was literally being blown over as usual! They created the area where I live so oddly that it creates massive wind tunnels!! Instead of bundling up in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, I opted for something more fashionable (DUH!) I wore my new sweater tights from Urban Outfitters, grey mini skirt from Forever 21 (only 5$!??!) a jean button up from Bass, and over the knee boots from the one and only Marshall's. Let me share my upsetting news. So.. I got about a million compliments on this outfit (which really made me feel great!) but it was soo cold that I ran into the shower before I remembered to take a picture of it!!(Sighhh).. Anyways, I took a picture of it laying on my bed because I could NOT let this outfit go unnoticed!!!... Hope everyone is staying warm. Only one more day of classes!! yipeeee!
This picture was the best I could get!! Sorry!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Let the Snow Begin!!

Today I woke up absolutely freezing!! It was about 25 degrees out and we had our first few flakes of snow!! I love the winter but I already can't deal with the cold!! (huge problem eeek!) This week is the last week of classes and I could not be happier! I don't really love any of my classes this semester! I had no idea what I truly wanted to do until recently, so my classes consist of things such as food science and philosophy. BORING! I am also trying to keep up with the fashionable outfits, along with actually posting them!! Today I went for dark wash jeggings from American Eagle, a white long sleeve thermal from Target, a tan sweater vest from Urban Outfitters (sale rack!), tall white knee socks (new obsession) from Target, and my tall brown Nine West Boots from Marshalls.. I thought of this outfit while falling asleep and I actually loved the outcome! Hope everyone is having a stressful last week at school!.. Almost done!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Today is Sunday, a pretty cold sunday to be exact. All I want to do is sleep all day long!! Too bad finals week is right around the corner and I have loads of studying to do:( This weekend was a pretty chill, laid back, yet extremely fun weekend. I met up with some old friends that I haven't seen in a while, and met some new people. I also went to Urban Outfitters in town and bought the cutest tights and knee high socks (my new obsession) I just love the look of dresses with knee high socks and some cute boots! (what do you guys think of this look??) Tonight I am going to my first meeting with my sorority. The dress code was leggings, a nice shirt, and nice shoes. I loved that we had to dress nice because I have so many new clothes that I have been dying to wear. So this is the outfit...

  • black velvet leggings from Forever 21
  • Blue silk tank from J.Crew
  • Black cardigan from Target
  • Grey wedge booties from Aldos
  • Grey knit headband from Free People

Friday, December 3, 2010

Im Slacking!!

Hi everyone!!! So I am completely slacking in this blog! I really promised myself I would write something everyday but I have been so busy and exhausted!!! Anyways, the latest news is that I am officially initiated into my sorority (love you girls!!) I finally made a group of best friends (my sisters) We have a party next week which leads me to my next topic.. I went to the mall today and bought an adorable dress for the party! Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of it.. It is basically a one shoulder, nude colored flowy dress. I still don't know what shoes to wear it with so I am a little stressed. (any suggestions) --Nude shoes or black ahhh!.. I also found a pair of boots I could NOT put down. All I do is buy shoes and bags...and clothes and necklaces...and jackets and jeans.. basically, everything!! Im super excited to start wearing them tomorrow.. Hopefully I will start posting more often because I really want to make this blog a success! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!
p.s...I MUST buy these pants over december break!! (what do you think)

Love love love these FP Pants!!