Thursday, June 30, 2011

What I Bought

There have been so many insane sales lately! Seriously...Urban Outfitters has their "Biggest Sale Ever"...Since I was eating dinner with my friends at the mall last night, we ran into Urban Outfitters first and saw that it really was quite the sale!!....Sooooo
Here are some of my purchases 

Madewell Silk Tank

Madewell Straight Leg Jeans

White Urban Outfitters Button up

How many of you think I am addicted to shopping? Is it too much already!?

Mission Accomplished

I figured I would start using my camera since I literally never use it! Yesterday I went out with my dad for the afternoon and took him to Barnes and Nobles...Why? ...The NOOK of course!! He was NOT thrilled by the saleslady but apparently he told my mom he would split the price with me!! Shh!!!
However, he did promise me a pair of jeans so he decided to take me to Madewell in the mall next store..I didn't even ask for the purchases but he "loved" the look and decided to buy me an outfit!! (Thanks Dad!!!)...He bought me a pair of straight leg jeans, silk top, and gold chain necklace (all on sale plus an additional 30% off!)
I decided to wear something new since I had a day off from work..So my outfit is...

  • H&M Butterfly dress
  • White Forever 21 Tank
  • Brown Lucky Brand Boots

Hopefully in the next couple of days I can say I am a proud owner of the lovely NOOK!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I Want This Wednesday

I have to admit, I never was a big "reader." I would read magazines and little articles in the newspaper, but I was not the girl to read novel after novel...As an English major I was forced to read a lot of books over the year, but none for pure enjoyment...However, after finding the NOOK Color, (and seeing my sister's recently purchased NOOK) I seem to have found a passion for reading! The NOOK does soooo many cool things!! (Books, magazines, checking e-mails, going online, listening to music, and much much more) I love technology so this new NOOK is making me almost NEED to read!!

New NOOK Color- Barnes and Noble

I may go later and buy it! I am such a compulsive shopper but I seriously can NOT stop thinking about holding this amazing book NOOK in my hands!

Monday, June 27, 2011

How To Style

Remember a couple of weeks ago I went to visit my camp friend?? Well remember how we went shopping at a really really really cool store in a town in Jersey? Well this scarf was purchased there! I forgot the name of the little cute boutique but I will find out since I am dying to see if they have an online website! I knew I loved this scarf when I first saw it but I love it even more on!
I decided as much as I love clothes, I may love accessories even more..I just love how something as simple as a T and jeans can be spiced up but something such as a fun necklace or a scarf such as this one

Orange T from J.Crew

Cuff Jeans from Urban Outfitters 

Does anyone else like accessories to style an outfit or rather go for a stand out outfit? 

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Worked all day..Can't feel my legs!!! Ahh! can't wait to get a pedicure tomorrow!!

Blue earrings from a store in Nyack 

Black Tank From Target
Jeans Shorts from Forever 21
Black studded belt from J.Crew

Gold Michael Kors Watch
Pandora Bracelet
Blue bracelet from the Bahamas

Hope everyone had a greaaaat weekend!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sale Sale Sale

You know how I posted yesterday about finally being able to buy the perfect jeans? Well here is a pair I bought at Urban Outfitters on sale for $20...I guess people are already going into Fall mode and don't need to buy cutoffs anymore? Whatever, I am not complaining!!
I also ran into Gap today with my sister because there has been a  huge, obnoxious sign on display of the store saying SUMMER SALE!! When I see a sign that big with the word "sale" on it you can bet I will be there eventually...So today was that day...I wound up finding another pair of light wash skinny jeans on sale for only $18 (originally $60)...I always feel so great after getting a great price on an item

Tan Cut out shirt from H&M
Black J.Crew sweater
Urban Outfitter jeans

I look mad and like I am about to do a dance me...I am NOT mad and certainly NOT going to be doing a dance!!

Does anyone else fall for sales even if you don't exactly "need" anything?!? Please tell me I am not the only crazy shopper out here!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Things Do Change

After experiencing a first year at college, I am finally able to see that things do change and life does go on...Let me explain...So for most of my life I had a group of best friends...4 of us altogether..We would do everything together from shopping, going for dinner, doing our homework together, and even sitting in silence watching our favorite episodes of television shows. However, things really changed once we all left for different schools...It's not that they aren't great people individually, but as a group I just feel like things are awkward and completely different than how they used to be..I almost feel like the 3 of them stayed close for the most part yet I am definitely not "there." After spending the day with them at the mall, I realized that it's okay to not be as close as we once were...I did change a lot and grew up at college...It was almost like this group I created kept me so isolated from everyone else making me a little hesitant to meet new people and grow into the person I want to be..I decided that I am not going to let this get to me..Instead I am going to stay confident, happy, and just accept me for me...If i can achieve this, nothing will be able to bring me down!!
Anyway, I went to the mall with them and went to my favorite store Urban Outfitters..I went to the mall solely to find some new jeans since I am finally at the size I am comfortable with..I ended up finding a light wash pair of cutoffs on sale for $20 and a pair of dark wash jeans for $54...It was pretty expensive for jeans but there's nothing better than a great pair of pants to make you feel super confident!!

Gold Earrings
J.Crew stripped shirt

Black Forever 21 pants

Tan Lucky Brand flats 

Sorry for the wordy post...Hope you read this post as something positive..A good change that is just part of life...Does anyone else feel this way with long friendships? 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Survived The Storm

Today I went for a walk with my mom...One problem..It DOWN POURED!
We made it to the final stretch and then we heard thunder along with insane rain 
Well, clearly we made it back alive!! Thank Goodnesss

Brown Gap Outlet Jacket
White shirt from Forever 21
Brown Necklace from Forever 21

Delia's Skinny Jeans

Yellow Hunter Rain Boots

Today I got off from work after an hour...It's amazing how empty a country club is when the weather is bad...It felt great to leave work so early because I had the rest of the day to relax and catch up on some magazines that I have been dying to read...InStyle anyone!?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Should I Start Getting Dressed?

Do you ever feel like dressing up for ABSOLUTELY no reason at all!? Well today was that kind of day...I woke up exhausted (even though I slept about 11 hours) and had no plans for the day...It was my first official day off in a while so I figured I would actually take the pj's off and start driving somewhere...I decided to throw together an outfit with my new dress since I need to start actually wearing the new purchases!!
This dress is about a week old that I got at Forever 21...Since I could not find a bra that wouldn't show through the dress, I opted for a black Forever 21 tank to wear underneath...I paired this dress with my black Kensie boots (my new obsession clearly) and my gold earrings from previous posts....
My sister told me it was a very "Whitney Port"kind of outfit...Since Whitney is one of my style icons I was extremely happy to hear I nailed her look (kind of)

When you have no plans for the day would you rather throw on the old sweats and white T-shirt or rather dress it up in hopes of a great day!?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Before and After

Yesterday I got a free makeover..The certificate expires at the end of the month so I decided I would get all pretty and dolled up since my camp friends were coming over...My camp friends and I had so much fun...Whenever we all get together, we can't stop talking and just reminisce on old times

The first 2 pictures are me before the makeover which is what I usually look like..The makeup was a bit extreme for me but hey, it was free!!

Grey Urban Outfitters sweater
Green Chico's necklace

Black Forever 21 leggings
Kensie black boots

Do you all prefer the natural look or are you the kind of person who depends on makeup on a daily basis??

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Look What I Found!

Last week when I was rushing to get ready to go to my camp friend's house, I took a second and got a picture of my outfit...I loved the look I put together but realized I never blogged it..Woopss!
Well- Here it is!!

Floral printed silk top from Forever 21

Black leggings from Forever 21

Kensie black boots----New OBSESSION!

Today I am just hanging out, going out for lunch with my mom, and possibly catching up on some TV shows I missed this past week..I decided I didn't want to wear something new since I will most likely end up sitting in my house all day...So sorry for advance, I am a fashion repeater!!

White tank from Forever 21
Gold and brown chain necklace from Forever 21 (New Purchase)

Brown Harem pants from Forever 21
Tan Lucky Brand flats

I guess you can say I am completely loving Forever 21? ha-ha
P.S....What are your feelings on harem pants?? I really am not sure if I love them but I feel the need to keep trying them out!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A day on my schedule

Today I am finally able to plan the day according to my schedule! (Not that I didn't love being with my college roommate and old camp friend) I did love seeing them and spending time with them but sometimes I just like being on my own schedule, doing things according to my mood at my time.
Today I went to the Apple store to get my computer checked out and then going to Target later on for some new makeup..It's been a while since I had good makeup so I am going to try to get a fresh, new look
Any suggestions on which brand of makeup to get? (I'm unfortunately very pale)

White cami from Forever 21
New Beaded Necklace from store in Nyack

Ruffled grey cardigan from J.Crew

J.Brand zip jeggings
Tory Burch Flats

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visiting Old Friends

Someone has been MIA lately and that person is definitely me!...I was in New City the past couple of days visiting my camp friend...We realized that we have known each other and been best friends for 8 years already!! Crazy how fast the years go by..While visiting, we saw Brides Maids which was beyond hysterical, went to a town called Nyack (cute but everything was closed since it was a Monday?) and then headed to a different town in New Jersey which was close by...She took me to the coolest stores...The first store is where I purchased the first 2 earrings..They had a sample sale so each earring was only $5!! I also bought 2 necklaces (not pictured here) for a "buy one get one free" deal! 
Lastly she took me to her absolute favorite store! Since she has great taste, I had a feeling it was going to be a little pricey and I was definitely correct...The store ranged from about $40 to over $200...I ended up getting these cool gold earrings where the whole thing threads throughout your earring hole! How cool is that!? I also bought this crochet scarf which I needed to have...Love at first site anyone!? When the salespeople rang me up, they never saw the scarf before and said they needed to buy it themselves!! I guess that scarf was a hidden secret that I discovered!!

vintage-like gold and blue earings

Emerald green and gold earrings
Gold earrings (the whole earring goes through the ear-SO COOL!)

Crochet tan scarf

How many years have you known your closest friends? I find it so memorable and great to still have the same connection and friendship that we had since we were little girls

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Day To Relax

My roommate just left and we had a great couple of days...It really is so great catching up after not seeing each other for so long! We got manicures (Essie-Marshmellow) which matches my cardigan perfectly and then met our other friend at my favorite, Gabby's deli once again!

  • Green dress from Gap Outlet
  • White Cardigan (borrowed from sister)
  • Black leather Kensie Boots 

Do you guys like wearing boots with dresses or rather wear flats? 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

And Then....

It started to pour!!! Done with outfit number one and on to outfit number two

Old Navy jeggings, white Forever 21 tank, grey, sequin cardigan from Gap Outlets, and my yellow Hunter rain-boots

If it's going to rain, might as well look cute!

Beach Bum

Today I went to the beach with my 3 best friends...It was the perfect beach weather! warm, sunny, but had a cool breeze which was oh so nice! We ended up staying a lot longer than I thought we would ever last! We stopped off at my favorite deli, Gabby's, on the way where we all picked up lunch. (I got a delicious turkey sandwich and extremely large hazelnut decaf ice coffee--Yummm!!)

Tonight my roommate from school is sleeping over and am so excited! I haven't seen her in a while so I'm sure it's going to be a great night!...I also have been sadly bored these past couple of days so hopefully this makes me feel much better...Tonight I decided to wear something casual since it looks like it's about to downpour!! So here's the outfit..

Jeggings from Old Navy and pink and white tie-dye shirt from the collection at Target

New Kensie boots- on sale for $21 at Fox's

Sorry for my tie-dye obsession lately! I promise it will end soon

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bright Or Dark?

Today is ridiculously hot out!! My shirt is basically sticking to me! I went for a walk this morning while it was still cool enough to be outside but I have a feeling we are getting a heat wave this week..
I don't exactly know my plans for today..Maybe going to a local town with my sister to walk around, get some ice cold drinks, and just relax...I decided to go for something new that I always try on but never wear out of the house...That is my skirt/shorts/skort? from Urban Outfitters that I snatched on sale for only $10..I paired it with a crisp white tank I purchased for only $4.50 at Forever 21 yesterday and my orange turtle necklace from J.Crew that I got a while back...

This is my small attempt at colors...It seems that oranges, hot pink, and other brights are popping up everywhere! I figured I would give it a try, step outside my box, and be daring with these bright bottoms and necklace..Do you all prefer brights or darks and neutrals? 

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Looks

I never usually like dresses..I am definitely more of a jeans and tank kind of girl but I started to love dresses recently!! I just went to Forever 21 with my sister and bought an adorable floral cotton dress that stops at my ankle along with a butterfly printed short dress from H&M for only $10!!...I love getting great deals for summer essentials!

It was pretty chilly out this morning so I wore my Delias jeans (what else is new) with a peasant- like top from Bass and my tan Lucky Brand flats..The weather definitely changed because now it is beautiful, sunny, and very warm...I'm thinking about going for a walk or tanning except I am still extremely burnt from my trip to Maryland...Damn my pale skin!!

Does anyone else like to wear dresses or prefer the pants and classic T-shirt look?