Thursday, March 31, 2011


The title of this post is weird, and sounds a little like Snooki from Jersey Shore, but it is completely necessary!! I have been home sick for the past 10 days and miss feeling good! I have been sitting in my house in pajamas forever already! It is making me insane knowing that all my new amazing clothes and shoes are in my closet back at school...The only thing thats making me want to go back to school is knowing that all my new clothes are there! Pathetic?! hahah I don't care!!! 
I am feeling a lot better though, despite my back!!! (Short story: I was getting a strep test, tried pulling away from the nurse, and unfortunately pulled my back out) At least it got me a free massage from my dad!!!
So I took some time off from making up the hours of work that I missed, and ended up on Anthropology's page..They have the most awesome floral printed skirts, harem pants, tops, and so many other great pieces! I decided that I am wayyy too in love with wide leg pants along with harem pants..Let me know what you think of these new looks? 
Tea Room Harem Pants- $148

Ancient Myths Skirt- $88

Looking Up Wide-Legs- $118

Magdalena Wide Legs- $198

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sick Of Being Sick

Hi everyone! Sorry for not writing for the past couple of days!! I have been lying on my couch sleeping all day and night..Today is actually the first day I am able to function and turn on my computer...First thing I am doing, besides e-mailing all of my teachers, is catching up on the blogs that I follow along with writing my own post now. Before I got sick, I bought all of these amazing shirts and bags from J.Crew and Madewell that I can't stop thinking about! Everything is in my dorm at school and I just want them home with me! My grandma also sent me a package of a Lauren Conrad brand jacket from Kohl's and it finally got to school but I am obviously not able to see it from home!! Wahhhhh!...My grandma loves sending me little gifts and pick-me-up cards and it makes me so happy to know that she is always thinking about me! She really is the best grandma around
Here are some things I purchased from J.Crew...
J.Crew Sequin Stripped Tank

J.Crew Boy-Cut Shirt

J.Crew Ruffled Sweater Vest

J.Crew Sequin stripped long sleeve

And this is the bag from Madewell
Madewell Clutch

What do you think of the purchases? Nice for spring or are you over the sparkles and glam? 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back To School

Happy hump day everyone! Today is Wednesday and it is not the weather that it should be! It's finally Spring and I really thought by now the sun would be shining!...Unfortunately, it is going to snow about 2-4 inches in the next 2 days!! AHHHH!! good thing I gave my mom my winter jacket to bring home. NOT!
So since I gave my heavy jacket to my mom, I had to dress in layers...I wore my black skinny jeans from Old Navy, grey long sleeve thermal from Urban Outfitters, Grey zip up short sleeve cardigan from Marshall's and my brown winter boots from Bass (not in picture)
Sorry for the horrible quality pictures by the way! I still can't figure out how to transfer my pictures onto my computer so I am using my mac camera which clearly stinks!!

By the way, my friend bought my a journal for my birthday and I think I am going to use it for an inspiration board..Pictures, quotes, anything else that makes me smile..What do you think of this idea????

Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Girl!

Hi everyone!! It's finally my birthday and I am officially 19 years old!!! It is crazy to say! I really can't believe how old I am... Unfortunately, the weather decided to get horrible just in time for my birthday...Snow to rain to sleet? I don't even know but I managed to have a great day despite the weather...I went to some stores with my mom, went out for lunch at our favorite deli where my mom was interviewed by News 12 (she was so adorable on camera!! haha) and had a delicious dinner at our favorite diner!...It was overall a great birthday and I am so thankful for all my amazing friends and family who wished me a happy birthday!.
Today I wore my black Forever 21 leggings, black oxfords from Aldo, tan shirt (borrowed from my sister), and a necklace made from my aunt!...(She's making me another necklace for my birthday and I cant wait to see it!!) 

Shoes? hah

I still can't figure out how to transfer my pictures from my camera onto my computer!! errr!!! That's why these pictures stink so I am sorry!! Hopefully I figure it out soon!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

J.Crew love

Today was such a great day! It was beautiful outside...A little chilly but the sun was shining....I went for lunch with my parents at a local deli that my mom and I have been going to everyday this week..They have the absolute best hazelnut coffee I ever had! Coffee with a whole wheat sunflower seed flagel is my kind of meal! After lunch, my parents took me to the Deer Park Outlets...(Tanger Outlets)...Of course all I wanted was J.Crew! When I walked in there, my heart was racing! They had everything that I was looking at online but at discounted prices! Although it does add up in the end, I got so many great pieces for the Spring that will last forever!! Tip: If you go to J.Crew and show them your student ID card, you get an extra 15% off your whole purchase!! Saved me about $40 dollars today!!...I also went to Journeys and got a pair of cheetah printed flats. I wanted a pair of shoes with this print since it is all over the fashion magazines lately!! I love them and they are super comfortable
For the outfit, I wore black Forever 21 leggings, tan, organic t-shrit from Marshalls, tan cardigan (borrowed from my sister), teal long necklace from Forever 21, and my new Tory Burch flats...These flats seriously made me feel like a million bucks!! They are so stylish and I know I will have them for the rest of my life!!

Trying to get a view of the shoes

Hope everyone is ready to start the week once again...yaya for my birthday tomorrow! Hope it's a good one!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday, Birthday, Birthday

I am totally slacking on the posts lately! I have been so busy running around at home with my mom and keep forgetting to post about my exciting day!...Anyway, my mom took me to get my birthday presents today! 19 years old on Monday!? It's crazy how fast the years go!...So for my presents..I got that big Nikon camera that I posted the other day for an amazing price! It was selling at Best Buy and other electronic stores for $250..However, my family being smart shoppers, we went to Costco and got the same exact camera for a hundred dollars less! Nothing better than a great deal...I also finally got the Tory Burch flats that I have been eyeing forever! They are a little pricey but so worth it! They really are such a classic flat that will last for years!
Tory Burch Flat

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Playing Preppy

Preppy is not usually my style..I like it, but I never really go for that look..However, today I did go for this look. I wore skinny jeans, a white tank from Target, stripped cardigan from J.Crew, and a brown belt borrowed from my mom...I really liked the way the outfit came together and how it was so unexpected from me!...I went to some stores today and found a new little bag that I was looking all over for..I ended up getting a bag from Century 21 for only $40 and sold originally for $150..This is why I love this store! Not only do you get designer items, but you get them for less than half the price!! I will be sure to post pictures of the bag at a later time..

                                                      Hope everyone had a great day!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Camera Shy

So I never owned a "real" camera in my entire life!! I never liked the idea of taking pictures of people and never felt like being responsible for "capturing every moment." The closest thing I had to a real camera was an old, simple, (horrible) digital camera that didn't even work...For my 19th birthday next week, my dad really wants to buy me a camera...I asked for another bag but he is so not for it...He's all about me finding a new hobby and is so into buying me a nice camera...He is even going for the pricey ones which I am shocked about!! I found one that I loved today but I am still looking...Any ideas?? I like the chunky, intense cameras while he likes the smaller, more practical ones....Basically, I NEED HELP!!

My Choice
Dad's Choice of Style

Let me know if you have any ideas for a great camera!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Is In the Air

It is officially Spring break and I am finally home!...I wish I was feeling better, but I am still sick unfortunately. At least I am home where I am comfortable and can relax and unwind....Last night, after having a delicious dinner at the usual diner I always go to, I picked up the April issue of teen vogue. I love love love this magazine! It has so many tips on how to dress, and appeals to an age group such as mine. Although I love other fashion magazines, teen vogue seems like it is meant for me and my style. 
After reading through the magazines, along with other fashion sites, I saw how popular color-blocking is. This trend consists of pieces of clothing with more than one color scheme in it. I love how exciting and bold these pieces are! They really make you feel like "Spring is in the air." 

Teen Vogue
Anthropology- Glanz Dress

Anthropology- Drop Me A Line Tee

What do you all think of this trend? Too many colors in one look or the more colors the better!?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break At Last!

Hurray for Spring Break! Classes for the week are finally over, and although I am still feeling a little sick, I think it is only a cold!! I was getting worried after being around all my friends who are VERY sick!...At least they are all getting better! So today was a busy day filled with a lot of clouds and rain, however, my spirits are up due to the fact that I am going home in the morning! I can't wait to see my family and friends. yayya!
Since it was raining, I wore my blue jeggings from Target, white t-shirt, Grey sweater from my sisters closet (Sorry C), and my bright yellow, obnoxious colored, Hunter Rain boots...Oh yeah, and my grey flower hat from Anthropology that my aunt bought for me last year...I still love this hat and always receive the nicest compliments whenever I wear it!

Hope everyone is staying warm and having a great day!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I hate the cold...

Usually the "cold" would refer to the weather outside..Unfortunately, it is warm out today however I have a cold..At least I hope that's all it is...I have been feeling a little sick the past couple of days but can't figure out exactly what is wrong! Don't you hate that feeling?? Due to feeling pretty under the weather, I decided to dress for comfort if I was going to make it through a day of classes!
I decided to wear my grey leggings from Marshalls, plaid shirt from the Gap, sperry topsider, and my black knitted scarf...
I hope I get better by next week...Especially for my birthday in 13 days!! Eeeekk! 
So Excited

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rainy Days

I'm sad to say that the weekend is over...Although this means we are back to a week of classes, work, or anything else going on, I have something to look forward to....SPRING BREAK!!!! I'm not going anywhere to brag about, but I will be home in my big, soft bed along with good food, family, and my home friends...Unfortunately, my best friend from home will be in school, but hopefully we will find a way to visit each other soon!!! 
It's pouring out today and it is making me feel a little under the weather...I have been in sweats and a t-shirt all day so there is obviously not going to be a trendy outfit post today!! However, if I was to dress up today for the rain, this is what I would wear....
Cropped Free People sweater

Urban Outfitters skinny jeans (Top Rated)

Free People Necklace

Black Hunter Rain Boots

Although this outfit may seem boring and dull, I think it is the perfect combination in order to be comfortable, yet trendy for the stormy weather....I would also add a bright-colored umbrella or bag to bring out the color of the necklace...How would you dress for this weather??

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Fever

Happy Saturday! Today was absolutely beautiful outside! I think it was 60 degrees! I didn't even need a jacket while walking around town..It was amazing..Today I went into town with a couple of my friends...We went to some stores and ate frozen yogurt at a delicious place called goberry. I got original with strawberries, blackberries, and chocolate chips. (yumm!!)...I went to a store called Faces where I bought an American Apparel tank and an American Apparel cropped green t-shirt. I love the simplicity of these kind of shirts and how you can dress them up or down...I also went to Urban Outfitters and found the most adorable light sweatshirt for the Spring months along with the cutest oversize tank! It was such a good shopping day and is making me so ready for the warm months to come!!

Can't wait to spend the rainy day tomorrow dedicated to my hours of homework!!! NOT

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hurray For Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!!! One week in counting until Spring break!!! I am so excited to be home, go to the city, see my friends and family, and do some damage in the mall!! I just got my nails done for a party I am going to later and it is really bringing me some Spring fever!! It is a blue pastel color from the Essie "Shrek Line." The color is completely making me admire the Spring weather to come! 
Tonight I am going to a "crush party." The idea of this party is to invite 2 of your crushes, and they won't know it was you who invited them! How amazing is this idea? I can't wait for tonight!
Today I went into town to get the rest of my books I needed for my English class. (Yes I am still getting books!! eeeek!)...I wore my white, man tailored J.Crew shirt that I have been wanting to wear since I got to school! I love this shirt but never was in the mood to wear it until today! yaya..I wore this shirt with my grey tank from Target, skinny jeans from Delias, mustard colored scarf from J.Crew and my high top brown leather Sperry Boots. The outfit was perfect for the sunny, but still not warm weather! 
I have to start getting ready for tonight but I will be sure to post pictures of the complete outfit! 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bill Cosby Anyone?

So the title of this post may sound strange, but I really do feel a little like Bill right now in my maroon colored sweater. The sweater is a cable knit sweater, and I really feel like a cute little old man in it haha...Besides for the fact that I am comparing myself to an old man, I am very comfortable. I am wearing this maroon sweater from Bass with my black pants from Forever 21, and my brown suede Nine West Boots. I have not worn these boots in a while due to the slushy weather, and forgot I even had them!! I am falling in love with these boots all over again which means you may find them in a lot of upcoming posts!!

What are everyone's plans for this weekend?? I have a party with no dress yet!! ahh! Any suggestions on what to wear!?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So Little Time

Hi everyone!! I have no time this week so I am so sorry for the limited blog posts! I have to touch up some last minute things on my essays for my two english classes, go to another meeting, and study for midterms tomorrow!! ahh...please someone help me find a way to calm down and stop being so stressed!! Thanks in advance!
Plaid blue and green long sleeve from Bass
Forever 21 black leggings

Comfy Target white socks- 5 pairs for $5!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Super Happy!

So I have been running around like a chicken with out a head!! I had so many classes, study sessions, meetings, and everything else! Although it was a stressful day, I received amazing news!! So you know how a while back I wrote about how I am currently writing for an online magazine??? Well she told me she may have found me an internship opportunity in New York City this summer!! I almost died reading it!! Literally so exciting!! Fashion + NYC = AMAZING!!
So for my outfit today I was so comfortable! Although you may not be able to see them, I was wearing white ankle length socks from Target and they are amazing and as soft as a cloud!! So I wore these amazing socks with my Delias skinny jeans cuffed up, blue and black sweater from Forever 21, and my black short leather boots from Zara. I was super comfortable and it was a perfect transitional outfit from the cold weather to semi-warm!

Hope everyone's having a great week!