Sunday, July 31, 2011

Something New

I am a girl that rather go to a diner than a steakhouse....find a great deal at Marshall's than go to Bloomingdales....go to the library rather than buying the new book...I think you get my point..I basically like a good discount along with a nice big, egg white omelet with a baked potato and some good old coffee!!
I also am a girl that does not LOVE change...For example, I usually eat the same thing for breakfast (oatmeal, bananas, raisins, coffee) lunch (pb and banana sand-which) snack (apple and some more CHUNKY peanut butter) dinner (egg-white omelet with toast a baked potato and coffee) and best for last (frozen yogurt with a mixture of cereal, chocolate chips, and cereal) It's not that I freak out if I do experience a situation where change needs to occur, but I also don't go out of my way to change up my routine.
With that said, I think I am going to challenge myself this week..I am going to change up at least one thing in my daily routine whether it be with food, exercising, or just hanging by my pool rather than spending my paycheck once again (woopss!) 

Like I said, I need to try a different route...
Not just.....

Do you all tend to stay with a similar routine everyday or like to be more spontaneous??

Friday, July 29, 2011

Guess What Guess What!?

I finally got those shoes I wanted from Urban Outfitters forever..(forever ever?) hehe
I got them in black and they are super duper comfortable!!!
I also got a pair of high rise black skinny jeans since my last pair I purchased from them got many compliments!!
Oh, and I figured I would walk into Free People and just drool over all the clothes I would love to buy but don't have the money for...and then something happened...I purposely tried a pair of jeans I wish I had but they were $140 dollars...I figured I would just stare at my self for a little and dream of having the money to purchase them...Then the saleslady brought me a pair of wide-leg jeans that they just got in and told me they were cheaper and soooo comfortable! Obviously I tried them on to be nice and she SOLD me!!! 
Pretty much, I am a sucker for Free People...and shopping..Oh welll

Free People Jeans

Free People jeans I wish I could afford

Urban Outfitters Wedges

Sooooo....How do you likey the new clothes?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Instead of looking at the clothes for once on Urban Outfitter online, I instead went to the "apartment" section...I love decorating a room and found some awesome stuff on their website..Hello swinging chair in the middle of the room!
I would love to redo my room, yet again, and add some of these amazing pieces!

When decorating a room, do you like it more simple or more out there...I personally love the out there approach..The crazier the better!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Boutique 9

Anyone hear of this brand? Boutique 9 is an awesome brand that tends to be a little expensive..Luckily, they always sell this brand at discount stores such as Marshalls and Century 21...I got a pair a couple of weeks ago at Marshalls discounted for $40
Sorry I keep talking about things I have purchased recently but I am just so excited about it all! Sorry I'm Not Sorry ha- ha...(anyone hear this phrase before?)
Okay enough with the silliness..Here are some Boutique 9 shoe ideas for the upcoming fall

My Recent Purchase

What do you guys think of these shoes?? Let me know!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Day, New Bag

The other day I went to Marshalls and found a Hobo bag on sale for only $69.....It was patent leather with a floral pattern...Although it was ADORABLE and I do did love it, it was most definitely an impulse purchase..Today I went to Century 21 with my sister and found the bag that I was looking for...It was a Lodias bag originally $220 but I got it for only $99...Since this bag was also a great deal, I had to go for it and return the Hobo...I never heard of the brand Lodias but is in fact a real brand! I went on their website when I got home and saw some other awesome bags by this designer so you should all check it out!

What do you all think of this brand/ does anyone else buy on impulse instead of waiting for the right one?!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Too Hot To Handle

This weather is absolutely ridiculous! 100 degrees out!? Are ya kidding me! Despite the weather, you still need some fashion so here it goes. This is what I would wear on a day like today and a LOT of money to spend
Pale Blue Cut Out Sleeveless Shirt Dress- Topshop

RAFFIA Multi Strip Canvas Buckle Sandals- Topshop

What would you wear in weather like today? Perhaps a bathing suit and an ice cold pool?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back In Time

This title may seem like I am going to reminisce on some old story or something but I am not..Instead I am going to go into the present with a fresh idea on friendship jewelry...While browsing through Seventeen Magazine, yes I am older than 17 and proud to be a Seventeen reader!,  I saw this amazing idea..New friendship necklaces found here.. necklace is so cute and a fresh twist on the "friendship" accessories...You can even easily make it at home using a paper clip, some beads, and a simple chain..I think this necklace is so adorable and a perfect fashion statement. 

What do you all think of this friendship accessory?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Girl Can Dream

My friend from school recently told me that she became an intern for Lucky Magazine!! How lucky is that!??! ( ha-ha so not funny) Anyways, after living vicariously through her and making her text me constantly of what her position requires and the celebrities she must be meeting, she gave me incredible news! She informed me that they need more interns for August and she gave me the lady's e-mail address...If I was to get this position, I would do the accessories and jewelry with my friend..Imagine, Lucky Magazine, and working with my friend!?!? Beyond amazing!! Hopefully they e-mail me back and ask to meet with me!!! 
A girl can dream can't she!?

If you can work for any magazine, which one would it be?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Right Color

Hope everyone is having a relaxing day! I was at work and unfortunately pulled a muscle from reaching over for ice cream? Weird, I know
Anyway, here are a pair of shoes from Urban Outfitters that have been in my shopping cart for weeks..I can't decide if I should go for them or not..What do you think? / what color!?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stack It Up

I guess you can say I love my accessories....

All Jewelry from Free People July Catalogue - I love stacking bracelets and necklaces like in the 2 pictures above...I think there is an edgy and trendy vibe to the look..To me, the best way to pull off the "layered" look is to mix textures and colors...My next mission is to find brighter, bolder colored jewelry!
Who's with me!?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Be Happy

I have been MIA lately but it was for a good reason! I had to workout some areas of my life and figure out what I want...I realized that I don't need to rely on others to make me feel comfortable and I don't need to be with people that don't even make me feel good!! I definitely am a changed girl (for the better)...I think I really did mature through this experience even though it was a rough one to say the least. 
Here are some things that make me happy

  1. Blogging
  2. Exercising
  3. SHOPPING (a little too much- Woopss!)
  4. Being with my family
  5. Reading a fresh, new magazine 
  6. Waking up to a big bowl of oatmeal with bananas, raisins, and a little too much cinnamon 
  7. Realizing that I am a great person and deserve to be happy
Here are some pictures that made me SMILE

A beautiful walk-in closet

Pretty purple bedroom

Ocean view with a rainbow

A pretty cool house!!- Imagine waking up to that ocean view!??!

Hope everyone is having a great day!!! Remember to smile (especially since it's HUMP DAY!!)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

In The Dough

I went back to work today and it felt great!! I have been spending too much for my own good and am excited to start making money! hah

New Black wedges from Marshall's
(Originally $80- Bought them for $20!!!)

Urban Cropped Jeans
Grey "Velvet" oversize T-shirt

Hope everyone is getting ready for the week ahead

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A New Me

Good morning everyone...Or afternoon I guess? Today is gorgeous outside which means I must tan my ridiculously pale body
Last night I ended up going to a restaurant called Elaine's... ( This is the website if you want to check it out!...It was an Asian/Chinese restaurant and had such a cool atmosphere..Although it was pretty dark in the restaurant, they had a pretty colorful lights all around along with some couches to sit on instead of chairs..It was impressive!
I tend to be extremely picky so to be honest, I was a little scared to go to this dinner..I'm more of a diner type of girl so I had no idea what I would possibly order!!! I decided to just roll with it and ended up finding an amazing dish to please me! Steamed chicken and broccoli over brown rice with sauce on the side...Delicious! 

Today I am going off to fix my phone and other things so I decided to wear cropped jeans from Urban Outfitters and stripped tank from Urban as well

New OPI (I forgot the color -  errr!!!)

My sister and I want to venture off and do something new and fun...Any suggestions?? 

Friday, July 8, 2011


So blogger would NOT let me post anything since Monday!! Thank goodness for my genius sister telling me to restart my computer and load up blogger again...Magic...It worked!!
This morning I woke up to some clouds....and my oatmeal, banana, raisin, CINNAMON concoction! I love this breakfast and the smell of cinnamon is just beyond delicious
I finished a run shortly after finishing my breakfast and came back to my big chocolate powder protein shake..Unfortunately, the blender did NOT work today so instead I had milk mixed with powder (in a glass of ice sigh)

Later I am running some errands, one including returning the blender, and then going out for my friends birthday tonight...Were not going until about 8:30 which is a little annoying since I don't LOVE eating dinner that late, but it's a special occasion so I am all for it!!
At least were supposedly getting AMAZING fro-yo after dinner...Self serve yogurt places are popping up left and right so tonight' my time to give it a taste!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth Of July!!! Today I had to work unfortunately but tonight I am meeting with my friends for diner...Although I would normally have a bbq with my family, they are still not home so instead I am going to a diner...Weird? Yes, extremely! I much rather be having a big nice salad with my grilled veggie burger and potato

Knitted White sweater from H&M
Tan Forever 21 Tank (underneath)
Urban Outfitters Jeans

What are all your plans for tonight? Anyone going to watch some fireworks?