Monday, January 31, 2011

Feeling Daring

It's a Monday morning and it is gorgeous outside! The sun is shining, and it is above zero degrees! Unfortunately, this weather is not lasting long! It's supposed to blizzard here tomorrow which mean back to my winter boots...sighhh...Because it was so nice out, I knew exactly what I had to wear today...I have these shorts that I bought over winter break and they have been sitting in my closet ever since..I just wanted to wear them with the perfect thing, on a beautiful day....So here's my oh so daring outfit....Black leggings from forever 21, cheetah sweater shorts from Urban Outfitter, white tank from Target, brown knitted sweater from the Gap, and black short booties from Zara (not shown in pictures)....Although I was a little nervous to wear this outfit when everyone goes to class in sweatpants and sweatshirts, I felt so confident! I love the way people tell me how unique, and cool my style is..It really makes me feel so great about myself, and my future in the fashion world....Would you ever wear cheetah shorts in the winter!? Let me know!!

Cheetah Shorts- Sale- $20
Grey Gap Sweater- Sale- $20
Smile- Priceless!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Since I have a dress code during this week for my sorority's spring recruitment, I do not have any photos of my outfits...However, I had time to browse Urban Outfitters online and formed a new obsession...So lately, I have loved different patterns paired together for outfits. My favorite is probably polka dot bottoms with a stripped top...Anyway, today I found a new trend that I love..Prints!! I absolutely adore these tribal printed clothes that are popping up all over the web!...I think they are so trendy, cool, and give off such a calming vibe!..Here are some items from Urban that are definitely on my must have list!
$58- Ecote Baja Blanket Backpack

$48- RVCA Line Face Short

$49- Navajo Cape Sweatshirt

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Newest Trend- Wide Leg Jeans

Great News!..At least for me...So I am such a jeans girl! I think they are extremely comfortable, flattering, and perfect for almost any event. You can dress them up or down. There are different shades of jean, different styles, and different lengths. Okay so clearly I love jeans...What I love even more is that the latest trend is not just ordinary, skinny leg or boot cut jeans. Instead, they are wide leg jeans which is my favorite style! I found a pair from the Gap and they are so affordable and cute! The price ranges from about 70-80 dollars which isn't terrible for good quality jeans! Right now, I have a pair of Free People wide leg jeans that I still have not worn but can not wait to try out! I'm just waiting for a special occasion because I am that in love with them!...
Here are some pictures of Gap's new wide leg jeans..What do you think? Are you more of a wide leg jean girl or skinny? I would love to hear what you think!!

The ones on the left are my favorite!
Love a super flare jean

Friday, January 28, 2011


Today was an overall stressful and tiring day to say the least! My roommate and I ran all over town, switching from bus to bus in order to get to the Verizon store. After about 3 hours, and many conversations about why my phone was not working, we finally got it fixed by replacing my old battery with a new one!...On top of it all, it was SNOWING! ughh! I also have so much to do for my sorority in the next week and I am getting a little stressed out...Homework, sorority things, finding a job, soooo much more!!! How can I not be stressed with all of these things running through my mind every second of the day!!? While looking online, I found an article about "being happy". I think it is very important to take a deep breathe, and remember to just relax and have fun! Here are some tips that I think are great!! 

  1. Practice mindfulness
  2. Laugh out loud
  3. Go to sleep
  4. Make a list
  5. Volunteer
  6. Go to a quiet place
  7. Take care of the soul
  8. Give priority to close relationships

What do you guys do to relieve stress in your lives? Let me know!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bohemian and Winter?

So I am a girl of many styles, however, I just love the bohemian look! Celebrities such as Nicole Richie can really pull this look off! I just love big, sheer shirts, wide leg pants, long flowy skirts, and anything else that has to do with this trend! I feel that it's harder to dress bohemian in the winter due to the cold weather, but I really want to give it a try!...Maybe a vintage sweater, wide leg jeans, long leather bag, and moccasins? What else can you wear to stay warm, but still bohemian style??

Nicole Richie- Bohemian Styled

For today, it was so nice out! By this I mean it was 30 degrees (better than below 0 right!?)...I decided to wear black leggings from Forever 21, blue cotton organic t shirt from Marshalls, and a jean long sleeve shirt from Bass...I also wore this with a knitted -bow hat from Urban Outfitters that are not seen in pictures...Tomorrow's Friday and I know I have a busy week ahead of me! Do you guys have any exciting plans for this weekend? 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Halfway There

Today is Wednesday which means I made it half way through the week! yay!!...This week was actually surprisingly  a fast week, filled with a lot of work, meetings, and fun of course!! Today I only had one class in the morning..For the remainder of the day, I have to write my first english paper..I really want to do amazing on this paper! Not only is this paper a first impression of my writing skills, but it is a way to prove to everyone and myself that english was meant for me..I am still looking for internships and anything possible in order to get my foot in this industry! I love fashion, writing, and working! I am not giving up until I reach my dream and work to my full potential!
Since I am being lazy today, besides writing my paper I guess, I decided to go for a casual, comfortable look. To pull this off without looking like I just rolled out of bed, I am wearing my black jeggings from Target, along with a green Converse brand sweatshirt also from Target...The Converse brand at Target is awesome! They have trendy shirts, jeans, bags, and fashionable sweats that are so popular today!..Are there any brands that you love at Target!?..Let me know!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Plaid Obsessed

Plaid has always been a major trend..I feel like anyone can pull it off, and there are endless possibilities on how to style it. Today, it was so cold and I knew I had to put on my big, soft, super comfortable plaid shirt from the Gap. This shirt is royal blue mixed with a grey/green color. I paired this shirt with my grey jeggings from Urban Outfitters, along with my Bass winter boots yet again because it's SNOWING!....How shocking..NOT!

As for other news, yesterday I took my first fashion, media class and it was absolutely amazing!! Who knew I can take a class which requires me to make inspiration boards, follow blogs, make my own blog (which I already have) and go on field trips to local thrift stores!!! This class was made for me and I can not wait to go back next Monday!!!
     Hope everyone is having a great week!! Do you like plaid or do you think the trend is over and done?

Monday, January 24, 2011

I guess this is what negative degrees feels like?

This morning my computer said that it was -11 degrees out!!! How can this even be possible!?...I was so cold that all I wanted to put on was sweatpants and a sweatshirt...However, I realized that when I am wearing something that I feel great in, my mood is so much better!...Because of this, I decided to ditch the snow boots, and wear my new black leather booties that I bought at Zara over the break...I paired these boots with a pull over sweater that I also purchased at Zara, along with my black jeggings from Target...In case you guys don't know, Zara is an amazing, trendy store that is usually very expensive..However, they have a seasonal sale every summer and winter where all of there things are basically 20-40 dollars!!! It really was a hit when I purchased the sweater and booties in the city for their winter sale....Anyways, I am feeling great today, and can't wait to finish off the day nice and warm!..Hope everyone is having a great monday!
New pullover sweater- Sale at Zara for $20

New leather booties- Zara for $40

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Sunday Afternoon...

This is just a quick little post because I have so much work to do! I put off all my reading for today (not the smartest move)... I went from having nothing to do all weekend, to plans every minute....However, I did have a really fun weekend with my friends and have pictures for proof!....I will post something better tomorrow, I just need to get some work done! Hope everyone is excited to start off a new week!
Dani, Amanda, Carly, and Me

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ohh college..

Besides for the fact that my fire alarm went off at 8 AM this morning and we all had to evacuate the building, I had a really amazing sleep!...I even fell back asleep after we were allowed back into the room and slept until 12...I am going out with some of my sorority sisters again tonight and am very excited...There just is 1 problem..I really have no idea what to wear!! I have so many options but it is just so cold out!! Maybe jeans and a simple top?? I don't know!!! Any suggestions!?
Today I went out with a million different groups of friends and got so many compliments on my sweater! This sweater I am wearing in the pictures below has cut outs on the back...I paired it with a blue organic t-shirt from Marshalls and Delias skinny jeans...The outfit was a complete hit!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

cut out back

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lazy Day

Last night I had my exchange (party)...I was hesitant to go at first because I was cold, tired, and I get shy meeting new people...However, I went there with a good attitude and had an amazing amazing time!! I really broke out of my shell and talked to so many people, and even met new friends! I wore jeggings from American Eagle, white long sleeve from H&M, Cynthia Rowley faux fur vest from Marshall's, grey hat from Anthropology, and my black Aldo wedged boots. Everyone loved my vest but unfortunately, it got pretty messy (chocolate syrup!)...I partied pretty hard last night which left me with a morning full of headaches and Advil! I have just been sitting in my room most of the day, reading blogs, and trying to get some work done...
Also, I have been stumbling upon so many new blogs that I am loving! Their styles are very vintage-y putting looks together with items bought at thrift stores! How cool is that!??!....
I really want to make my blog even better but don't know what to add! Any suggestions would be wonderful!!! 
Katie and me

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today it finally was NOT snowing! It was actually quite nice out! The sun was shining as I walked to class at 9 AM with my winter boots still on (it's still sloppy outside!)...I finally had a day with all my classes and so far I am really loving them!...I feel like the english department is where I am meant to be...You know when you are trying to decide between 2 things...such as if you should go to Penn state or Ohio state for college and Penn state just feels right when you say the words aloud?? Well that's how I feel when I say "english"...I feel like this major was meant for me and I am so happy about that!!
Anyways, tonight I have a social where the theme is snow patrols....Maybe my fur vest??? What else do you recommend??? 
Because it was sunny out, I decided for an outfit worth taking pictures of! I am wearing jeggings from Target, plaid dress from Urban outfitters, black long sleeve from Target, and my regular Bass winter boots....What do you think? How else would you style this dress? tights, leggings, ...?
Hope everyone is having a great week!
blue, green, and black plaid dress

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From Snow to Slush to....florals?

Sorry for more posts without pictures! Campus here is looking pretty...gross! It must have rained last night, along with some flurries because this morning was a complete disaster outside!... There is mud, slush, and ice everywhere which is resulting in me having not the best outfits...I am getting so much use out of my Bass winter boots from a couple of posts back ( I highly recommend these if you need winter boots!)... Although I am not resulting to sweats and sweatshirts, I am wearing leggings and plain sweaters...I am definitely more of a jeans girl but I hate dragging, wet pants more than anything!! errrr this weather!
I started to go through my english requirements and readings and I am loving it so far! I am hoping to become a better, and more mature writer...I really love writing, especially about fashion trends and healthy choices for a healthy lifestyle...Hopefully, if I believe in what I want to do with writing, it will eventually come true one day! Just need to keep up the hard work and motivation...
So, back to fashion! On the Free People cite, they are showing mixed prints together...I always loved this look but never knew how to create it for myself!! Do I wear a stripped shirt with a flower skirt??? Is that too much pattern in one!? ahh! I really don't know but I am dying to find out how to wear this trend!!
Floral top with polka dot shorts

Here are some pictures from Free People that I am going to try to imitate! 
Floral wide leg pants with leather vest

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Day of classes, First SNOW day

I was absolutely dreading waking up for my 9 AM class today!! I usually don't mind starting my day early, but there was a huge snow storm on it's way...When I woke up this morning, I could not even see the ground! By 9, it already snowed 2 inches!!! After trying on numerous amounts of clothing, trying to look fashionable yet practical for the weather, I walked to class through the huge balls of snow, which eventually turned into rain!!... My first class of the semester was an english class...I am really excited to start my english classes because it is my new major! I know it is going to be a lot of reading, and writing, but I am up for the challenge!!!...My other 2 classes were canceled for the day which was music to my ears!! I was in desperate need of some hot chocolate, tv, and a long, nice nap!...
I am also going to start some goals for this week....Here are a couple I will start with

  • say hi to the person next to me in my new classes
  • make a new friend
  • enjoy every minute of my freshman year
  • start taking pictures of my outfits
  • dedicate at least 2 hours a day to my work
Do you have any goals you can think of!? Any suggestions on how to organize my schedule before I start stressing out!?!?

Wish I was in a warm climate with these outfits!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Keep Your Head Up

Today is my first official day back at school!..Although I was extremely nervous to come back, and did not know how much I even really wanted to come back, I am so happy to be here....Last semester I realized that I did everything all wrong!! I isolated myself from my friends leading to me eating lunch in my room and talking on the phone with my mom 24/7...Not a great way to meet people...However, this semester I am starting completely fresh....I am going to make sure I meet my friends to eat instead of in my room alone. I am going to only call my mom 2 times tops a day (unless I need to share a funny story or something) and I am just going to be happy!! I need to stop comparing myself to everyone and instead just learn how to be me!! I think that if I put as much concentration into being happy and confident than I did into comparing myself with everyone else, I will be very successful in raising my self esteem!! 

So far I have met up with my friend S and my roommate...My roommate and I have become closer than ever and I really want to be able to get advice and have fun, late night talks with her instead of just calling my family all the time...I need to learn to make this place my home, and enjoy having friends around to call my new family...

When I saw the insane amounts of books I needed to buy for my 2 english classes (12 books!!!) I knew I had to at least see what these professors are like...Unfortunately, one of them is apparently extremely boring, hard to understand, and HARD...Although my old self would run for the hills and get out of the class ASAP, I am excited for this class! I have been through so many obstacles in the past 2 years and I am ready to face each and every one of them! I am going to really concentrate on my schoolwork and do my best! I really do love english and reading, so when I see I have to read 100 pages by the next day, I just need to remind myself that I am doing something that I love even if it requires a lot of time and work

I know this is such a long post but I had a lot to say!!! SORRY!! But sister C, if you read up to this part, I am soooo proud of you!! You keep telling me how proud you are of me but I never really tell you how proud I am of you!! Although we had our little fights this weekend, you really did help me so much the past couple of weeks! You are an amazing person, sister, best friend, and extremely fashionable! Just remember, if you want to wear something different, don't think about what anyone else says! Fashion is about personal style and expressing yourself! If you feel like being daring one day, go for it...Don't worry what someone might say to you...Instead remind yourself that you're gorgeous and can pull off anything with confidence!! I want to congratulate you on style week as well! It's so exciting and I can't wait to hear all about it!!! Here's a picture of us from December Break
Me and my sister

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back to school

Like my roommate just said, "it's so weird to be back." ...I finally unpacked all of my things, and said bye to my parents and sister!! Although I'm excited to be back and see what comes of this semester, I am starting off a little homesick..I really loved being home with my family, and just feel so comfortable at home...
I am going to finish unpacking, continue my new marie claire magazine, and take a nice shower...I think I am going out tonight with my friends so hopefully I will have some outfit pictures to post tomorrow...Hope everyone is having a relaxing sunday!

Love my family

Friday, January 14, 2011

Last Night Home

I want to start off by saying sorry for the lack of outfit posts... I had to pack up all of my clothes so I am living in either sweats or old clothes...I'm leaving for school in the morning and am sooo excited but also really nervous for some weird reason...It's not like it's the beginning of school again, but I can't help but to feel some butterflies in my stomach!! I think I am just nervous of what's to come even though thats what makes life so exciting!! The UNEXPECTED!! College is supposed to be the best 4 years of your life...Although times may be hard, and homesickness may come up, you are supposed to be living the life, having an amazing time, and meeting amazing people!! I'm definitely going to school this semester on a fresh start... I am forcing myself to be the outgoing, friendly, funny person that I was lacking my first semester (unfortunately)
Flare Jeans
So I went online shopping once again and ended up on Urban Outfitters today..I must say, I am glad I ended up at this store!! They have a new 70's section to shop and I am loving it!!! Flare jeans, clogs, long skirts, and cute, elegant tops are exactly my style...ahhhh if only I had a million dollars!!! Here are some items that I would love to wear...What do you think??? What time period's trends do you love?!?

polka-dot sheer tunic
brown large statement ring
green leather bag
cuff - stone bracelet

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In

I have officially been sitting in my house, in my pajamas (and fuzzy socks) since I woke up this morning! The storm happened all in the middle of the night but left some pretty intense snow to wake up to...As much as I hate being trapped in my house, it's actually a good thing...I need to pack up my room for my move back to school on Saturday...I absolutely hate packing because I have ZERO control!.. I literally feel like I need to bring anything and everything I own...I don't want to bring as much as I did first semester so I really am trying to only bring the things I need...and a few more things!!! ahhhh I just love clothes and accessories sooo much!
So when I was in Florida the other week I went to the store Anthropology one night...My dad bought me a beautiful purple long sweater/jacket...Since this store is in the higher end with price, I had to put down the hat I was holding as well....Because I have been in my house all day, I have been taking breaks from packing and going online shopping!! Well, I'm not buying anything but I am pretending I am by making shopping bags on every cite hehe....While browsing Anthropology's site, I found the hat that I put down in Florida...I still love this hat and may need to go back for it....What do you guys think of the hat??? What other places do you think I can look to find the same style but cheaper price???? Let me know!!
Hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the day off!!
Anthropology: Milly Cloche- $48

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today I realized yet another thing about myself...I don't know how to find balance...See, if you knew my personality, you would probably not understand this...It's not like a can't manage my schoolwork with fun, or friends with family...However, when I look at this word in a deeper meaning, I can totally see how I am lacking in this category!! I'm not going to go into detail on why I feel this word describes my life lately, but it is definitely something that I am happy to discover about myself! It really is putting so many parts of my life into perspective and giving me another way to look at certain situations..
So it is supposed to snow tomorrow..By snow I mean full on, all stores closed kind of blizzard...My mom went to the food store yesterday to prepare (some cereal and ice cream) but she left out some things that I needed for my delicious breakfast!! (cereal + yogurt + fruit = delicious!!!!.. My mom forgot to get the blueberries so I just went to grab a box at the grocery store and let me tell you, that place is a zoo!!! There were news reporters, and about a million people going in there for the last minute things before the snow comes down...I think when we hear snow, people feel like they are never getting out of their houses again!! ahhh.. crazyyyyyy
Today I wanted to be comfortable since I was only running some errands and trying to clean up my mess of a room!..I went for super soft and thick blue leggings from forever 21, black long sleeve shirt from target, grey sweatshirt/sweater from Marshall's, and my new winter snow boots from Bass...Hope everyone is staying warm and getting the hot chocolate and marshmallow's ready for tomorrow! I know I am!!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Morning

Being at home, Monday's aren't as bad as they usually are...By this I mean, it is the same as any other day... I don't have to start my week at school, or work...Instead, I just relax like I have been doing for the past month...Gosh I love winter break!!!.. Although it's fun being at home with my family and friends, I do miss school at points... Especially after my sister left this morning, I realized how important it is for me to start becoming more independent and hanging out with my friends more over just my family ALL the time...As much as I love my family, I need to learn to do things on my own, and have friends to talk to and get advice from...
Im going back to school in 6 days and I have a LOT to accomplish before I get back...Most of it is emotional, but it is something I just need to deal with, and move on!... After getting some advice today I actually realized something new about myself...I realized why I am the way I am....I never really made a New Years resolution but I think I am just going to make a resolution.. I want to be more outgoing, generous, and happy! I want to be confident with myself, and not worry about what everyone thinks (or does not think)
Did anyone make resolutions for the new year?? How do you plan on sticking to them?
...For my inspiration, here are some pictures of my fashion icons...Whitney Port, MaryKate and Ashley Olsen, and Alexa Chung

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Last Minute Shopping

So I know I just posted about my shopping day in the city with my mom and sister but I have a couple of more things to share!..I first want to take a minute to share my morning...Today I went to temple with my mom and sister..Ever since my grandpa passed away a couple of months ago, my mom has been going to temple every Saturday morning to make a prayer for him...My family is not the kind of family to go to temple on random weekends however, now we are... My mom asked my sister and me to join her this morning and although it required me to wake up early, it was really special.. I felt good knowing that I was still remembering the great times I had with my grandpa throughout my life.. On top of that, I know it meant the world to my mom, and I was so happy to be there for her along with my sister...
After temple today, I met up with my friend from school.. I have been so lazy this break and have not seen ANY friends from college until today.. We met up at the mall, had some lunch, and of course shopped!!... It's hard to believe but my friend is a shopaholic just as much as I am...which means together in a mall is not the best mix to save money but it's a LOT of fun!..We both have the same style so I love when we both run to the same thing and just think of the numerous amounts of ways to wear the item! Because I have been going a little shopping crazy lately I only purchased what I went there for....and one extra thing (woops)...For the thing I needed, I bought a hat at Urban Outfitters...My school is freezing and I really needed a practical hat to cover my ears and this hat does the trick!!..As for the luxury item, I bought a pair of cheetah sweater shorts on sale at Urban for 20 dollars.. Ever since I saw Whitney Port wearing a similar pair, I have been on the hunt! When I saw these, I knew I could not let them slip away!!... I'm about to meet up with my old friends for some Chinese food now and can't wait to catch up with them....
 I am finally getting back to my old self and I am exited to see what this new year brings!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

City Life

Today I went into the city for the day with my sister and mom...Although it was pretty cold out, we had an AMAZING day...Not only did we find great deals, we also had so much fun just hanging out, and walking around the gorgeous New York City.. The city is beautiful and is such an amazing place.. No wonder everyone around the world comes to this city at one point in their life....Stores, shows, great food...what more can you ask for!?...
So today I went to some stores that I usually would not shop at...The Gap and Zara...Both of these stores tend to be a little too expensive, although very cute....Today however, they had INSANE sales! I'm talking about another 50% off of already sale items!! So for the gap I purchased a black velvet blazer, a brown short jacket with a belt, and a leather and canvas bag...I know I know I keep posting about buying bags but thats only because I keep returning them... I'm the kind of person who loves something one second, and then find something better the next day! Oh well...As of now, I'm pretty set on this gap bag..Maybe I should rip the tags off just incase!!! As for Zara, I got a grey pullover sweater with a design on it which went from 60 dollars to 20!! ...Lastly I bought a pair of black leather short boots for 50 dollars!...Overall this was an amazing shopping day!
I will be sure to post pictures of the clothes tomorrow!! It's supposed to be a blizzard so maybe a fashion show in the house?? I think so!!
Hope everyone had a great day!!
velvet blazer
......There are no pictures of the other purchases unfortunately 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thrift Loving

I am in a rush but I just had to post this outfit!! The cream, lace shirt that I am wearing was actually purchased at a Goodwill store by my school at UMass... This shirt was only 2 dollars!!! It is also a brand sold in top notch stores such as Bloomingdales and Saks... okay so with this shirt I wore my grey Urban Outfitter jeggings, black high knee socks from Urban, and brown Nine West boots from Marshall's.. It's soo nice out today and I am excited to not be wearing my winter jacket but instead, my old leather Jacket also purchased from Marshall's...

  • You know that Blue bag I showed a picture of a couple of posts back?? Well I still love the bag but I just don't know how practical it is..Should I go for a bigger bag where I can store my books and essentials for the day!??! Let me know!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Style Icon

I have many people that I look up to in the fashion industry such as the Olsen twins and Alex Chung, but I also have a weird, crazy obsession with Lauren Conrad.. Not only does she have amazing style, but she also always looks so put together whether it be shopping on a tuesday afternoon or going to a red carpet event on a Saturday night.. 
The point of me talking about Lauren Conrad is because I just bought her style book this afternoon.. I have always wanted to read her other books that were on the bestsellers list, but I never actually got to the book store (not great at starting books).. Anyways, while flipping through the Style magazine last week, I stumbled upon an article featuring Lauren and her "style" book.. Once I saw this I immediately knew I had to buy it!.. Now I can finally learn her in's and out's of fashion, and what she does in order to perfect her own, unique personal style
Besides for buying the book, I also got pampered a little bit...Manicure!!.. I keep seeing this greenish, emerald color all over the magazines and I was never able to find it..until TODAY!.. It's a green Essie color that I am head over heels in love with!! What do you all think!?

Also, today I wanted to look stylish, but comfy.. To pull this off, I wore my wide leg jeans from Marshall's, brownish colored oxfords (new) from Bass, Maroon sweater from Bass, and a black and gold flower necklace from J.Crew