Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Else Is New

 Today I went out with my big to the mall..We always have so much fun together whether it's shopping, eating, or just hanging out...Although I do love her, she is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE influence on me!! Whenever I am with her, I buy everything! She's just as obsessed with fashion as me so when you put us together, it = damage!. I bought 2 shorts at Urban on sale for $10 that I have been eyeing since March...I also got a sweater shirt which I wanted at the Urban by my school the last time I went shopping with her...As you can see, my shopping addiction is still going strong!

Today I wore my grey long skirt from Urban Outfitters, green cropped T-shirt from Faces, black boots from Aldo, and a black/silver chain necklace from Bloomingdales..I felt pretty dressed up but I had to look nice since my big is always dressed to impress as well!

Do you guys have that 1 person that makes you want to buy everything!?!

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