Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flower Power

I really need to stay AWAY from the sun! My pale skin clearly can not take this much sun exposure! I went in my pool for the first time today and it was beyond freezing! At least it helped calm down my sun bunt skin! ha-ha
I'm going out for dinner with my grandma and mom soon and decided to throw on an old dress...Something easy and cute-ish (I personally don't love this dress anymore)

Oh...So this is what the phrase "A deer in the headlights " looks like!

Floral Dress from Century 21

New Shoes!!
Lucky Brand tan flats from Marshalls (Only $30!!)

Does anyone else not know how to smile? My family makes fun of me for it all the time! Apparently perfecting a smile that doesn't look "freaky" is something I am lacking

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