Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bag Dilemma

I just went to the store Madewell to return that black clutch I bought back in March..I love the clutch but I still never used it so I figured I would try for a different bag..Unfortunately they wouldn't take back my bag due to a lack of receipt..Oh well...Now I will just have to tear off the tag and start flaunting it!!

I wanted to just throw something on fast so I wore my black leggings from Forever 21, my tan Lucky Brand flats (not in picture) and my blue t-shirt on sale from Marshall's for only $10!...I love this shirt because its half cotton and half silk...Also, more than half off!! 

If you found out you couldn't return something you had what would you do?
Be upset or be happy that now you can wear the item with no guilt of spending the money for it?

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