Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Day, New Bag

The other day I went to Marshalls and found a Hobo bag on sale for only $69.....It was patent leather with a floral pattern...Although it was ADORABLE and I do did love it, it was most definitely an impulse purchase..Today I went to Century 21 with my sister and found the bag that I was looking for...It was a Lodias bag originally $220 but I got it for only $99...Since this bag was also a great deal, I had to go for it and return the Hobo...I never heard of the brand Lodias but is in fact a real brand! I went on their website when I got home and saw some other awesome bags by this designer so you should all check it out!

What do you all think of this brand/ does anyone else buy on impulse instead of waiting for the right one?!

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