Friday, July 29, 2011

Guess What Guess What!?

I finally got those shoes I wanted from Urban Outfitters forever..(forever ever?) hehe
I got them in black and they are super duper comfortable!!!
I also got a pair of high rise black skinny jeans since my last pair I purchased from them got many compliments!!
Oh, and I figured I would walk into Free People and just drool over all the clothes I would love to buy but don't have the money for...and then something happened...I purposely tried a pair of jeans I wish I had but they were $140 dollars...I figured I would just stare at my self for a little and dream of having the money to purchase them...Then the saleslady brought me a pair of wide-leg jeans that they just got in and told me they were cheaper and soooo comfortable! Obviously I tried them on to be nice and she SOLD me!!! 
Pretty much, I am a sucker for Free People...and shopping..Oh welll

Free People Jeans

Free People jeans I wish I could afford

Urban Outfitters Wedges

Sooooo....How do you likey the new clothes?

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