Friday, July 1, 2011

Finding My Way

Today I had a doctor's appointment about 30 minutes from my house...I thought I could rely on my GPS but unfortunately, that was NOT the case...I got extremely lost, a little panicky and maybe even cried a little to my sister on the phone begging for some help!
After sweating (seriously) and shedding some tears, I finally found it and made it to my appointment (well, 25 minutes later than scheduled)

For my outfit I wore a white cotton tank from Century 21, floral skirt from Urban Outfitters (sale $10), tan Lucky Brand flats, and pink and silver chain necklace from Chico's (borrowed from my sister)

By the way, I decided I am going to post other things besides just fashion..Fashion is a HUGE part of my life and what I am all about but so are other things..Exercising, food, hobbies, friends??!? 
Hope you are all off to a wonderful, long weekend...While I work (sighhh!)

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