Friday, July 8, 2011


So blogger would NOT let me post anything since Monday!! Thank goodness for my genius sister telling me to restart my computer and load up blogger again...Magic...It worked!!
This morning I woke up to some clouds....and my oatmeal, banana, raisin, CINNAMON concoction! I love this breakfast and the smell of cinnamon is just beyond delicious
I finished a run shortly after finishing my breakfast and came back to my big chocolate powder protein shake..Unfortunately, the blender did NOT work today so instead I had milk mixed with powder (in a glass of ice sigh)

Later I am running some errands, one including returning the blender, and then going out for my friends birthday tonight...Were not going until about 8:30 which is a little annoying since I don't LOVE eating dinner that late, but it's a special occasion so I am all for it!!
At least were supposedly getting AMAZING fro-yo after dinner...Self serve yogurt places are popping up left and right so tonight' my time to give it a taste!!

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