Friday, November 26, 2010

black friday anyone?

So today is the Friday after Thanksgiving day. Last night's meal was absolutely amazing!! we had soooo much food it was insane! My aunt cooked another delicious meal and everyone seemed to enjoy it!.. Anyways, today is the best day of the year for a shopper obsessor such as myself..BLACK FRIDAY!... I remember last year on this fabulous day my dad bought me a ring for my Hanukkah present.. Because we got there so early, I got a pair of free diamond earrings with it!! (still wearing them today).. This year I got something different...something AMAZING!! First off, I bought hightop sperry boots that I've seen in all the fashion magazines lately. They are dark brown, lace up leather boots and are the perfect boots to bring back to school with me!.. Along with the boots, my dad bought me my first pandora bracelet. I love the idea of this bracelet..I love jewelry but I'm running out of wrist and fingers haha.. so now for every special occasion, I am going to just ask for charms to add onto my bracelet... My dad started off this collection with 2 charms today.. One was a black and white polka dot circle, and the other charm was a buddha. Im actually OBSESSED! For the outfit, I shopped in full on comfort. I wore wide leg, black seven jeans, a white t shirt, a grey zip up from Target that I found hiding in my closet, and a grey and black vest because it was about 60 degrees out. I paired this outfit with my usual jewelry, and brown minnetonkas.. This week is going great and I love spending time with my family. I really am not ready to go back to school although I do miss my pledge sisters.. Im going to try to keep working on myself fashion wise and in other ways.. Im hoping that as my mom always says, "once I get everything going, everything will start working out".. hope this is true... have a great weekend everyone!!

finally in MY ROOM!

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