Saturday, November 13, 2010

What To do, What to do?

 Today is another beautiful, sunny day in Amherst, Massachusetts. I was planning on going to town to visit Urban Outfitters with my roommate except there's one problem.. NO CAR!.. of course there are buses but we have NO idea how to figure out the schedule.. Anyways, I am making shopping bags on every all my favorite cite's such as urban outfitters, steve madden, and best for last FREE PEOPLE! Free people has to just be the best brand ever created! Not only is it so original, but it look's great on all people, and all occasions. There's only one downfall...THE PRICE! (ouch!).. Free people tends to be a little too much for my wallet to handle so where do I turn?...MARSHALL'S!.. (best store ever for designer clothes at an affordable price). If you have not been there yet, go ASAP.. Anyway's these are some items that I'm currently dying over and need to go buy (thanksgiving break!?)

  • short, socks with lace on the top
  • free people (of course!) wide leg, lace jeans 
  • big, comfy sweaters (Bill Cosby anyone!?)
  • jeweled leggings (fashion icon Whitney Port says they are a fall must have!)
Perfect socks to wear with my oxfords
How Adorable!?
Urban Outfitters!
Whitney Port Showing off the new fall accessory!

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