Friday, November 19, 2010

Too Busy!!

So I am trying my hardest to post everyday on my blog but it's becoming impossible!.. I've been sleeping out of my room for the past 2 nights, and still have 3 more nights to go!! Because of this, it's becoming hard to post, let alone take pictures of my outfits. I wish I was able to keep up with my blog post, and pictures but I have no camera here (sighhh) So instead, I think I am going to just talk about fashion.. So clearly, I'm always thinking about what I want to buy next, or a new outfit that I thought of while falling asleep. I really want to keep up with my "trendy" outfits (at least I think they are!!). I really try my hardest to express myself through my style, and hope people around me can see that.. What do you guys think??? Do you guys dress for comfort or more for a statement look??

I love this Dress. It screams "Christmas party"
I think these socks are adorable! You can even pair it with this dress and a leather jacket for an edgy look

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