Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good To Be Home

Sorry for not writing the past couple of days!! I've been extremely busy and not by a computer. Anyways, I just got home for my Thanksgiving break and it is a break that is needed! I've been so busy and run down lately that it feels so great to be back home to my family, a comfy bed, and good food. Im home now for a week and I am so excited to see what I do. I already planned to go on a few shopping trips with my sister and with my friends (when C has enough shopping). I have all these ideas of things I want to still buy; a cute faux fur hat, some sweater tights, and other things I'm sure I will find... but I have very little space left in my dorm back at school (oh well- the life of a fashionista!).. Today I woke up super late, got my eyebrows done with my mom and sister, and hit up TJMax. This store is a great place to find cheap prices on designer items just like Marshall's. I scored Kenzie Boots for only 35 dollars and they are adorable! Tan short boots with red laces and sheepskin on the inside (sound very "out there" but trust me they are a keeper!) I also bought a steve madden knitted hat in different shades of neutrals. I think I'm going to wear the shoes and hat together with skinny jeans and a big black sweater.. Cute???..

Today I went for a comfy, but cute look. I love these pants. They are grey jeggings from Urban Outfitters that I got on sale for 29 dollars! I paired it with a plain white t-shirt, and a big blue gap sweater that I found in the back of my closet. Lastly, I wore my sperry top siders (most comfortable shoes to just throw on), and a grey hat that I bought at Anthropology last year. It's amazing how some things just don't go out of style!!.. Hope everyone had a great day and I plan on leaving better posts for the week.. Happy almost Thanksgiving!

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