Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cute AND Practical boots

So I know I'm still in the sunny, (usually) warm sunshine state, Florida, but it's actually sooo cold here! I mean I'm not in a blizzard like I would be at home in New York but this is not the Florida weather that I am used to.. I usually come here where it is typically 80 degrees, and definitely pool weather. However, this year it has been around 60 and even 40 degrees at night!! All I want to do is wrap myself in a blanket and drink a big coffee!! (I'm a coffee addict) Anyways, while I was wishing I had my Ugg boots with me, I realized that I still needed to buy a pair of winter boots to wear in the snow back at school. I was browsing on my usual site, Free People, and stumbled upon a pair of adorable boots that I just had to post here!! They are a little up there on price, but extremely practical and cute!! What do you all think!??

I'm going to blog more later I'm sure.. There are just so many things I want to post!!!!

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