Friday, December 17, 2010

Shopping addiction at its finest!

So I don't know if you can tell by my blog posts, but I am overly obsessed with fashion and keeping up to date on my trends! Once I hear of a new trend, I hit the online shopping, and start forming a shopping cart filled with new, trendy, fabulous items of clothing, accessories, and shoes. Although I sometimes feel guilty for buying so much when I don't exactly "need" that tenth sweater, something inside me makes me feel like I MUST have it! On the other side, I am so overly passionate about the fashion field and want to pursue a life in it so why should I feel guilty!? Shouldn't I feel good about presenting myself in a way that I want the world to view me?? I think so!
        So today I went shopping with my mom once again (just a few stores) We went to the Gap, Bass, and J.Crew all at the Deer Park Outlets. This Tanger outfit is basically my home away from home. They have a great atmosphere, great prices, and an overall amazing day to bond with my mom. I ended up buying two, big, heavy sweaters on sale at the gap for 20 dollars a piece, 2 sweaters at Bass for 15 dollars a piece, and a scarf and stripped shirt from J.Crew for a combined price of 30 dollars! Although it does add up, I seriously got some great deals today and will be posting pictures of the outfits I form with them!!! 
          This is the last part of my post for today... These sweater shorts from Urban Outfitters. I am overly in love with them and am dying to see them up close at the store!! Maybe I will drag my sister along for the ride with me (what do ya say C?)... HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!

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