Monday, December 13, 2010

Is it possible to be more stressed!??

I have 2 finals tomorrow!!! Not one, but two!... On top of having 2 finals back to back, they are also finals for my hardest classes. I have been studying all day, actually all week!!! I feel like I still don't know all of the information.. You know when you read your notes over and over again but the information seems to be going in one ear and out the other?? Well that's exactly how I feel! All I know is that I really did give it my all!.. Studying is not exactly my speciality, but I am starting to make it a priority.. Whatever happens tomorrow, I just have to remember that I gave it my all, and should be proud of myself and all that I accomplished this past semester!!.. 

  • p.s..sorry for no photos of my daily outfits (still wearing leggings and sweatshirts)
  • 2 days until I am back in my comfy bed, surrounded by my friends and family
  • Florida is soooo soon!! (get me tan please!)

New Kate Spade bag!! 

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  1. i can't see the picture! what new kate spade bag?!!?!?