Sunday, December 19, 2010

Feeling Good

This morning I woke up feeling so good! I have no idea why I felt so good, maybe a good sleep?? Who knows.. All I know is that I am having a great time being home with my family and friends and can't wait for Florida on Wednesday!.. I'm also loving my outfits I have been putting together. I have been trying ways to create a new look... Something more boho and grunge rather than sweet or edgy... Today I wore my grey Urban Outfitter jeggings, black high knee Urban Outfitter socks, grey and black stripped thermal long sleeve from J.Crew, black flower necklace also from J.Crew, and a big, comfy sweater from the Gap... I loved the way the different textures and colors came together in this outfit!!.. My pictures today are extra special. Not only did I have a good outfit in them (at least I think so!), but my sister was kind enough to walk in on my taking my picture, and decided to jump in them. (Thanks C!)... Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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