Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sale- Sale- Sale

Since the holiday's are finally over, NOW is the time to shop! As my mom repeatedly said, "everything is going to be soo cheap now! Wait until Christmas is over and then go shopping!".. Although I bought a sweater on sale at Anthropology last week (could not resist), I did not purchase anything else in stores besides Marshalls (since they don't have sales there anyway)... I can't wait to go home and see all my favorite store's like Urban Outfitter and Free People hopefully with long, beautiful sale racks!
I also discovered a new fashion site called ASOS. I found this brand in the Teen Vogue magazine last week and have become obsessed! This site has everything from clothes, to accessories, and even style updates and blogs of how to wear their clothes to keep up in this changing fashion world. They are having a crazy sale right now of 70% off and I am loving it! Lets just say.. I already have a shopping bag of about 20 things I want.. You should really check it out.. Here's one thing I am definitely eyeing 

... This is a Silk Blazer inspired by Alexa Chung (my style icon).. Not only do you find adorable clothes on this site, but you can also check off the celebrity you want to dress like, and it gives you a list of clothes they wear cool is that!?! Alright as you can see, I am a little hooked on this site and need to keep looking!! What celebrity would you guys want to dress like???

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