Monday, December 20, 2010

Sooo Happy!

So today I had to get some things checked out and I am beyond happy with the results!!.. I have been trying so hard these past couple of days to get my life back to normal and it is finally working!... I am starting to really appreciate, and love life. I am not worrying about the small, unimportant things that many people usually get so wrapped up in. I just realized that there is no point of being unhappy and stressed over the little things of life because thats not what makes life so great!... 
Anyways, Today I went to Forever 21 and Target with my mom and sister.. Although I did not purchase anything this time (SHOCKER), I had a lot of fun watching my sister buy things for herself since it's usually the other way around..
 Today I wore plaid once again (loving it lately!)..a plaid Urban Outfitters shirt, black wide leg, seven jeans, mustard colored J.Crew scarf, and my hightop brown Sperry boots. My style really changed ever since I went to school but I am really liking it. I have fun changing up my style a little bit...Make's fashion so much more exciting!!

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