Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last Day of Classes!!

So today I can finally say that I finished my first semester of college classes!! yayay.. I finally learned what it means to truly earn your grade... You know.. how in high school we had "extra credit" or "make up assignments" in order to raise our A to the A+.. In college, I learned that in order to get a good grade, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Although I stumbled at times along the way, I really feel confident now that I am a hard-worker, and completely deserve my grades!...Okay besides for class, it's actually freezing once again. 17 degrees kind of freezing!!! I had an outfit picked out this morning, but even I could not wear it in this intense weather. Instead, I opted for something a little more comfortable, yet still stylish of course!. I wore black leggings from Forever 21, a grey long sleeve baggy shirt from American Apparel, a grey and gold scarf from Marshalls, and my brown top sider boots (making an appearance again!).. I was still freezing after bundling up in my new,warm Betsey Johnson winter coat (THANKS MOM!)... What am I going to do when it actually start's snowing here!?? ahh!! Have a great day everyone!! Almost Friday!!

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