Thursday, December 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Today was my first official day back at home...and let me tell you, it feels GREAAAAT! Not only did I get to sleep in my big, warm, clean bed, but I also got to wake up with no stress... No worries of studying for anymore finals, no more waking up early for classes, and no more walking around campus in below zero weather!!!... Just me and my best friend (my mom)... C, if you read this, were waiting for your arrival!!! Anyways, today I wore black forever 21 leggings, white t-shirt, and an old gap, brown and white stripped sweater that I actually love!!!.. I went to one store with my mom, Marshalls (duh!!) and found the most adorable bag!! I know I know.. I just bought the Kate Spade bag (which I love!) but I am such a bag girl.... This bag was exactly what I always wanted...have you heard me say that one before?? hah! But really, it was a blue, long-strap, leather bag that was originally 275 dollars and I got it for 65 dollars!! like hello!?!? How can I not!!!.... Well, thats it for now... Lots of shopping to come this break and new and improved blog posts!!! Hope everyone had a great day!

In L-O-V-E!!!!!

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