Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Today is Sunday, a pretty cold sunday to be exact. All I want to do is sleep all day long!! Too bad finals week is right around the corner and I have loads of studying to do:( This weekend was a pretty chill, laid back, yet extremely fun weekend. I met up with some old friends that I haven't seen in a while, and met some new people. I also went to Urban Outfitters in town and bought the cutest tights and knee high socks (my new obsession) I just love the look of dresses with knee high socks and some cute boots! (what do you guys think of this look??) Tonight I am going to my first meeting with my sorority. The dress code was leggings, a nice shirt, and nice shoes. I loved that we had to dress nice because I have so many new clothes that I have been dying to wear. So this is the outfit...

  • black velvet leggings from Forever 21
  • Blue silk tank from J.Crew
  • Black cardigan from Target
  • Grey wedge booties from Aldos
  • Grey knit headband from Free People

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