Friday, December 3, 2010

Im Slacking!!

Hi everyone!!! So I am completely slacking in this blog! I really promised myself I would write something everyday but I have been so busy and exhausted!!! Anyways, the latest news is that I am officially initiated into my sorority (love you girls!!) I finally made a group of best friends (my sisters) We have a party next week which leads me to my next topic.. I went to the mall today and bought an adorable dress for the party! Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of it.. It is basically a one shoulder, nude colored flowy dress. I still don't know what shoes to wear it with so I am a little stressed. (any suggestions) --Nude shoes or black ahhh!.. I also found a pair of boots I could NOT put down. All I do is buy shoes and bags...and clothes and necklaces...and jackets and jeans.. basically, everything!! Im super excited to start wearing them tomorrow.. Hopefully I will start posting more often because I really want to make this blog a success! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!
p.s...I MUST buy these pants over december break!! (what do you think)

Love love love these FP Pants!!

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