Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back to NY

Yesterday was an extremely crazy day! Our flight to come home from Florida was supposed to be last Tuesday, but was canceled due to the extreme snow storm.. 20 inches of snow!!.. Anyways, because of this, we had to reschedule our flight for yesterday.. New Years Eve....
I had plans to go to my best friends house and order in food and have a fun, girls night in kind of party....The 4 of us have always been the quiet, yet extremely close group of girls in high school... We never really got friendly with any other girls at my school so our weekends consisted of us sitting at one of our houses, going out for dinners, movies, and shopping of course! quiet, but so much fun!
 So the point of the story is that our flight was supposed to be at 1:00 pm yesterday, getting us in to NY by 4...More than enough time to get to my friends house... However, something was wrong with our plane, and we were told to get off the plane with all of our things... After I had my freak out (I hate planes!) we were told that we were taking the 5:00 pm plane home... Long story short, by the time we got our luggage and ate dinner it was after 10.. I know this isn't late considering New Years is a crazy, long night but I just felt that I should be home with my family. I feel like my family grew so much this past year, and although we went through a lot, it made us all so much closer! I missed being with my friends last night but I really had a great night sitting at home, watching the ball drop with my family!
How was everyone else's New Years Eve? 

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