Saturday, April 2, 2011

Anthro Love

I have been on the hunt for a Summer job and had no idea where to start!! All I knew was that I was not going to be a counselor at a day camp! Although I love kids, the thought of working at a day camp, following little girls/boys around all day in 90 degree weather just kills me! I love fashion and clothes and would love to work in a clothing store....After coming to this realization, I applied to Urban Outfitters and Anthropology...I walked into Anthro today and could have stayed there forever!! I love the display of the store, the smell of the new Spring clothes, and the awesome, unique jewelry...I think my interview went okay and I was asked to come back in May for another interview when I am home from school..Hopefully I will be Anthropology's new employee!!
Anyway, I wanted to look good for my interview but have no clothes home with me! I found a pair of Delias jeans in the back of my closet...I paired these jeans with my black Aldo oxfords, flower ruffle tank from Target, and my cream cropped leather jacket from Forever 21...I felt that this look represented the style of Anthropology so I was happy with my appearance
I also got a fresh manicure since I am going back to school tomorrow...The color is Essie but unfortunately I don't remember the name of the color..It's kind of an orange-pinkish color...How do you like it?

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