Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'll take that...

It was raining again like usual..However, I did not believe it when the forecast said rain so I decided not to go for my yellow Hunter rain boots or rain jacket..Instead I wore my leather booties along with my leather jacket...At least I had my umbrella to keep me dry!!!
I wore my Delia's skinny jeans, 3/4 sleeve shirt (sister's throwaway pile) along with a tan knitted cardigan (also from my sister's throwaway pile) and black leather booties from Zara...My sister and I tend to like each others clothes that we are sick of so it works out for both of us! After a month we get bored of our wardrobes and shop in each-others closets...At least we get new clothes for no money! 
Can't beat that

Does anyone else shop in their friends/siblings closets?

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