Saturday, April 9, 2011

I love you sun

Today was by far the most gorgeous day yet at school! Between the sun, the temperature, and the Spring fever, everyone seemed to be in the happiest moods! The campus was packed of people playing frisbee, basketball, and just hanging with their friends...I went into town for a little to walk around and then sat outside by my dorm-room...I can feel the shorts-dresses-sandels weather approaching and am sooo overly excited!!!
I wish I could pull off a dress at this school! While I tend to get dressed up for classes, people around here are very low key and casual when it comes to dressing..jeans, school apparel, and Uggs...Although I do dress up compared to that style, I would not feel comfortable strutting around in a dress...I would completely stand out (not in a good way!!) If I was home, I would so be wearing one of these 2 dresses from Anthropology..I love how simple and comfortable the maxi dress is!! The short jean dress is also so adorable for a day out in town!!

Rise and Shine Dress- $98

Extended Shirt Dress- $198

What would you guys wear on a day like today? Would these dresses be okay to wear where you are???

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