Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let There Be Sun

Happy hump day everyone!!!! So let me start off by telling you how wonderful it was outside today!! It was so sunny and warm which was a great break from the awful rain that we have been experiencing the past week! Today I was literally a chicken without a head...I went from class, to meeting with a teacher, to the library (for the first time ever!!) all day, to dinner, to a meeting!!!! Basically I just got back to my room since this morning!! As tiring as it is, I love keeping busy!! It keeps my mind off of feeling homesick or upset over nothing!! I also loved showing off my outfit today! ha ha
Today I wore American Eagle wide leg jeans, white tank from Target, suede long sleeve from H&M, and my Tory Burch flatts. I love these shoes and was so happy to finally be wearing them again!

Pictures were taken at 9 AM so sorry for the sleepy eye!!!
Hope everyone is having a great week!!

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