Friday, April 22, 2011

Trip to the mall

Today I went to the mall to return the dress I bought for formal since I was not going anymore. Of course I missed the return date by a day so all I got was store credit! That was fine with me because H&M had amazing things and the store was absolutely insane! After waiting online forever, I found the cutest t-shirt and white knitted sweater..Unfortunately, only the T-shirt was on their website
I also got a sweatshirt on sale at Urban Outfitters...It basically looked like the company messed up and put the tag on the wrong side because the sweatshirt is basically just an inside out sweatshirt...Of course I loved it though because it was so original!!
Lastly, I went to Zara and bought an adorable pink/orange tie-dye scarf since this seems to be the newest trend and I am soo on board! I also bought a cute t-shirt with a quote on it..It's one of those oversized T-shirts that are just easy to throw on and look trendy

What are you all doing this weekend?? Are you loving the tie-dye trend as much as I am?

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