Thursday, April 7, 2011

So Little Time

Hi everyone! I decided that I have too much to do in such a short amount of time!! Papers, make up quizzes, studying, homework...FUN!? It's becoming impossible to just hang out and have fun!! That is why I need to take some time to post on my blog and read everyone else's blogs...I don't care about having to get all my work done! I just need a break and enjoy myself for at least 10 min in a day...Don't you all agree!?
For my outfit today, I felt like a cute little 5 year old girl...Why may you ask? Well I bought a pink flower hair piece from J.Crew a couple of weeks ago and I wore it today..I absolutely love it but I do feel like a little girl would be wearing the exact same thing!!! HA ha...I also wore this with black leggings from Forever 21, grey sparkle long sleeve shirt from Madewell, and black oxford booties from Zara..I felt so cute and comfortable for the long day that I had!!!


By the way, the weather is getting extremely nice out and finally sunny!! I am getting so excited for Spring and all the Spring colors and accessories...What are your favorite Spring items!? Let me know!!

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