Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Week Of Classes

Happy Monday everyone! I am full of energy due to the numerous amounts of coffee I had this morning! I came back to school at 6 AM to make it back for my 11 PM test...I was so exhausted that I met my friend for breakfast when I got back to school in order to stay awake..I had delicious oatmeal, fruit, and TOO much coffee! I am literally bopping up and down! Good news though! I think I did amazing on my test..I looked at the answer key and I think I only got 2 wrong! Woohooo!
For my outfit, I wanted to be comfy for the car ride so I wore black Forever 21 leggings, black long tank from Target, and my new sweatshirt from Urban...The one that looks like an inside out sweatshirt that only I would purchase ha-ha...Oh, also because it is obviously raining but very warm out, I went for my Sperry Top-siders over my Hunter rain boots.  Turns out these Sperry's really are waterproof!

My poor Sperry's all wet!

Do you guys think the inside-out sweatshirt is cute or strange???

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