Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Friday Friday

Happy Friday everyone!! I am beyond exhausted because I was up until 5 AM!!! I had a sorority event and the new pledge class got initiated!! It was a fun night, but left me tired and wanting to go to sleep!! I got myself up around noon just in time to take a test that I missed while being at home, sick...(I think I did really well!)...Now I am off to read the new Marie Claire magazine that my G-ma sent me, (along with a gift card to Target! yaya), and then going to shower and relax for a little!
Today it was pretty warm out so I had an exact outfit in mind..I wore black Forever 21 leggings, white t-shirt from Gap, brown suede boots from Marshalls (Nine West), and my purple sweater that my dad bought for me from Anthropology...The outfit was the perfect amount of warmth and comfort! 

Design detailing on the back

               Hope everyone is off to a great weekend!

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