Monday, April 11, 2011

Feelin Good

Today was a great day!! I have been down a little lately so it felt great to finally have a good day! It is 80 degrees out, Greek Week for all the frats and sororities on campus, and just an overall beautiful day...Im going for dinner in town soon with my friend before we are off to the thrift store for our fashion class...We have to design a look (which they asked me to be the model for), take pictures of our look, and present it to our class...This sounds really fun and I'm just so excited to be outside rather than in my classroom
Today I wore black, Seven, wide leg jeans, jean organic button up T-shirt from H&M, and my black Tory Burch Flatts. This outfit was perfect for this windy, warm weather!!

What are you all doing on this gorgeous day???

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