Monday, June 6, 2011

New Looks

I never usually like dresses..I am definitely more of a jeans and tank kind of girl but I started to love dresses recently!! I just went to Forever 21 with my sister and bought an adorable floral cotton dress that stops at my ankle along with a butterfly printed short dress from H&M for only $10!!...I love getting great deals for summer essentials!

It was pretty chilly out this morning so I wore my Delias jeans (what else is new) with a peasant- like top from Bass and my tan Lucky Brand flats..The weather definitely changed because now it is beautiful, sunny, and very warm...I'm thinking about going for a walk or tanning except I am still extremely burnt from my trip to Maryland...Damn my pale skin!!

Does anyone else like to wear dresses or prefer the pants and classic T-shirt look?

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