Thursday, June 2, 2011

Zip Me Up

Happy Thursday everyone!! Almost the weekend...Not that it matters to me since as of now, I do nothing everyday....It's fun not having any responsibilities but at the same time I wish I had SOMETHING I had to do
Today I'm actually running a few errands and sadly paying a shiva call (Jewish thing when someone dies) to my best friends grandpa
Since it's only about 70 degrees and I'm not the biggest fan of shorts I decided to wear my old black zip jumper from Century 21 along with my lace, cream and grey tank from the Gap...I haven't decided yet but I think I am going to wear them with my tan lucky brand flats...I love these flats but I have to come clean..They are NOT comfortable!! Hopefully the leather stretches out fast before my toes fall off!! 
ha- ha

Would you return shoes that were soooo cute but sooo NOT comfortable??

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