Friday, June 3, 2011


I thought my summer was all planned out! Internship during the week and working at a country club part of the weekend...Boy was this wrong!! As of now, I don't have the internship and I am on schedule to work at the country club every Saturday and Sunday!! Basically I have no one to hang out with because my friends all work during the week and are off on weekends...Like how it should be!!! 
I went out for a job hunt today and it did not work out as planned...Stores instantly shut me down as if they could read my mind asking for a job!! Oh well..hopefully things work out soon!

Right now I am debating if I should wait to eat at 7:30 with my parents or eat dinner at home and then go to my friends house...mmhmm!? I just don't know....

As for the outfit I am wearing my Delias skinny jeans along with an oversized t-shirt I got at Barney's a couple of years ago..I just love oversize t's...I feel put together but super comfortable

Tomorrow I am going to the Script concert with my best friends...I missed out on the one last year because I was sick so I can't wait to go tomorrow!! I will definitely leave pictures.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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