Friday, June 24, 2011

Things Do Change

After experiencing a first year at college, I am finally able to see that things do change and life does go on...Let me explain...So for most of my life I had a group of best friends...4 of us altogether..We would do everything together from shopping, going for dinner, doing our homework together, and even sitting in silence watching our favorite episodes of television shows. However, things really changed once we all left for different schools...It's not that they aren't great people individually, but as a group I just feel like things are awkward and completely different than how they used to be..I almost feel like the 3 of them stayed close for the most part yet I am definitely not "there." After spending the day with them at the mall, I realized that it's okay to not be as close as we once were...I did change a lot and grew up at college...It was almost like this group I created kept me so isolated from everyone else making me a little hesitant to meet new people and grow into the person I want to be..I decided that I am not going to let this get to me..Instead I am going to stay confident, happy, and just accept me for me...If i can achieve this, nothing will be able to bring me down!!
Anyway, I went to the mall with them and went to my favorite store Urban Outfitters..I went to the mall solely to find some new jeans since I am finally at the size I am comfortable with..I ended up finding a light wash pair of cutoffs on sale for $20 and a pair of dark wash jeans for $54...It was pretty expensive for jeans but there's nothing better than a great pair of pants to make you feel super confident!!

Gold Earrings
J.Crew stripped shirt

Black Forever 21 pants

Tan Lucky Brand flats 

Sorry for the wordy post...Hope you read this post as something positive..A good change that is just part of life...Does anyone else feel this way with long friendships? 

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