Monday, June 20, 2011

Should I Start Getting Dressed?

Do you ever feel like dressing up for ABSOLUTELY no reason at all!? Well today was that kind of day...I woke up exhausted (even though I slept about 11 hours) and had no plans for the day...It was my first official day off in a while so I figured I would actually take the pj's off and start driving somewhere...I decided to throw together an outfit with my new dress since I need to start actually wearing the new purchases!!
This dress is about a week old that I got at Forever 21...Since I could not find a bra that wouldn't show through the dress, I opted for a black Forever 21 tank to wear underneath...I paired this dress with my black Kensie boots (my new obsession clearly) and my gold earrings from previous posts....
My sister told me it was a very "Whitney Port"kind of outfit...Since Whitney is one of my style icons I was extremely happy to hear I nailed her look (kind of)

When you have no plans for the day would you rather throw on the old sweats and white T-shirt or rather dress it up in hopes of a great day!?

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