Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bright Or Dark?

Today is ridiculously hot out!! My shirt is basically sticking to me! I went for a walk this morning while it was still cool enough to be outside but I have a feeling we are getting a heat wave this week..
I don't exactly know my plans for today..Maybe going to a local town with my sister to walk around, get some ice cold drinks, and just relax...I decided to go for something new that I always try on but never wear out of the house...That is my skirt/shorts/skort? from Urban Outfitters that I snatched on sale for only $10..I paired it with a crisp white tank I purchased for only $4.50 at Forever 21 yesterday and my orange turtle necklace from J.Crew that I got a while back...

This is my small attempt at colors...It seems that oranges, hot pink, and other brights are popping up everywhere! I figured I would give it a try, step outside my box, and be daring with these bright bottoms and necklace..Do you all prefer brights or darks and neutrals? 

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