Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sale Sale Sale

You know how I posted yesterday about finally being able to buy the perfect jeans? Well here is a pair I bought at Urban Outfitters on sale for $20...I guess people are already going into Fall mode and don't need to buy cutoffs anymore? Whatever, I am not complaining!!
I also ran into Gap today with my sister because there has been a  huge, obnoxious sign on display of the store saying SUMMER SALE!! When I see a sign that big with the word "sale" on it you can bet I will be there eventually...So today was that day...I wound up finding another pair of light wash skinny jeans on sale for only $18 (originally $60)...I always feel so great after getting a great price on an item

Tan Cut out shirt from H&M
Black J.Crew sweater
Urban Outfitter jeans

I look mad and like I am about to do a dance me...I am NOT mad and certainly NOT going to be doing a dance!!

Does anyone else fall for sales even if you don't exactly "need" anything?!? Please tell me I am not the only crazy shopper out here!

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