Monday, June 27, 2011

How To Style

Remember a couple of weeks ago I went to visit my camp friend?? Well remember how we went shopping at a really really really cool store in a town in Jersey? Well this scarf was purchased there! I forgot the name of the little cute boutique but I will find out since I am dying to see if they have an online website! I knew I loved this scarf when I first saw it but I love it even more on!
I decided as much as I love clothes, I may love accessories even more..I just love how something as simple as a T and jeans can be spiced up but something such as a fun necklace or a scarf such as this one

Orange T from J.Crew

Cuff Jeans from Urban Outfitters 

Does anyone else like accessories to style an outfit or rather go for a stand out outfit? 

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