Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Girl!

Hi everyone!! It's finally my birthday and I am officially 19 years old!!! It is crazy to say! I really can't believe how old I am... Unfortunately, the weather decided to get horrible just in time for my birthday...Snow to rain to sleet? I don't even know but I managed to have a great day despite the weather...I went to some stores with my mom, went out for lunch at our favorite deli where my mom was interviewed by News 12 (she was so adorable on camera!! haha) and had a delicious dinner at our favorite diner!...It was overall a great birthday and I am so thankful for all my amazing friends and family who wished me a happy birthday!.
Today I wore my black Forever 21 leggings, black oxfords from Aldo, tan shirt (borrowed from my sister), and a necklace made from my aunt!...(She's making me another necklace for my birthday and I cant wait to see it!!) 

Shoes? hah

I still can't figure out how to transfer my pictures from my camera onto my computer!! errr!!! That's why these pictures stink so I am sorry!! Hopefully I figure it out soon!!!

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