Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bill Cosby Anyone?

So the title of this post may sound strange, but I really do feel a little like Bill right now in my maroon colored sweater. The sweater is a cable knit sweater, and I really feel like a cute little old man in it haha...Besides for the fact that I am comparing myself to an old man, I am very comfortable. I am wearing this maroon sweater from Bass with my black pants from Forever 21, and my brown suede Nine West Boots. I have not worn these boots in a while due to the slushy weather, and forgot I even had them!! I am falling in love with these boots all over again which means you may find them in a lot of upcoming posts!!

What are everyone's plans for this weekend?? I have a party with no dress yet!! ahh! Any suggestions on what to wear!?

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