Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Is In the Air

It is officially Spring break and I am finally home!...I wish I was feeling better, but I am still sick unfortunately. At least I am home where I am comfortable and can relax and unwind....Last night, after having a delicious dinner at the usual diner I always go to, I picked up the April issue of teen vogue. I love love love this magazine! It has so many tips on how to dress, and appeals to an age group such as mine. Although I love other fashion magazines, teen vogue seems like it is meant for me and my style. 
After reading through the magazines, along with other fashion sites, I saw how popular color-blocking is. This trend consists of pieces of clothing with more than one color scheme in it. I love how exciting and bold these pieces are! They really make you feel like "Spring is in the air." 

Teen Vogue
Anthropology- Glanz Dress

Anthropology- Drop Me A Line Tee

What do you all think of this trend? Too many colors in one look or the more colors the better!?

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